N. DJOKOVIC/F. Mayer 6‑4, 6‑1, 6‑4





Q.  What do you make of Novak’s game today in terms of aggressiveness?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yeah, I expected he played like today.  To be honest, the first set I have to win.  I was break up.  Then it was 4‑All, Love‑40, easy volley.  I let him come back.  He played an unbelievable passing shot.  Then I lost my service game after 40‑15.  That shouldn’t happen.

But after the first set, he played unbelievable, especially in the second set.  He showed why he’s the best player right now in the world.  He left me no chance in the second set.

Third set I played a little better again.  Yeah, but then there was no more chance for me.

Well, if I could win the first set maybe I have a small chance.  But still it’s very, very tough to beat him.

Q.  You seemed to have difficulty when you came in to the net.  Is that something that is normally a weak area of your game or Djokovic today was hitting the right shots?

FLORIAN MAYER:  In the last rounds when I play a long line ball with my forehand and go the net, it’s much easier.  But against Novak he’s running so fast and his backhand on the defense is one of the best or the best.

So, yeah, he played from the baseline.  He moved so well and let me work so hard, so for every point it was really tough for me.


Q.  Novak rested yesterday and you played, I think, two and a half sets.  Did you want to finish your match if it was possible on Monday?  Do you think that affected you at all today?

FLORIAN MAYER:  No, not really.  Overall I was a little tired today because two five‑set matches, yeah, it was a long time ago when I played two five‑set matches in a row.  So it was not easy for me, but I felt quite fresh when I woke up this morning.

But after one and a half sets and I had to move around so much today, he let me move around the court, and, yeah, I got a little tired.

But, no, I mean, I was happy that I could finish yesterday on Court No. 3 again.  That’s fine for me.

Q.  You played some really good tennis today, particularly in the first set.  Do you come off the court and just think he’s impossible to beat?

FLORIAN MAYER:  No, it’s not impossible, but if you don’t take the chances you get, like in the first set, you cannot beat world No. 1.  That’s it.


Q.  How do you see the semifinal with Federer going?

FLORIAN MAYER:  It’s a very open match.  I think it’s a good chance also for Roger maybe to reach world No. 1 if he can beat Novak.  So he will be very motivated.

But I think Roger also has to play on a really high level to have a chance to beat Novak.


Q.  I know you spoke yesterday in press about the Olympics, why you’ve chosen not to go.  Aside from your choice, there are strict criteria from the German Federation.

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yes, there are.

Q.  What do you think about those?  Do you think Philipp should get to play?  How do you think he would do if he did play?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yeah, Philipp is going to play, that’s for sure.


Q.  Do you think the criteria were too strict?

FLORIAN MAYER:  I would say if you make the cut from the ITF from the ranking, everybody should be able to play.  You shouldn’t be top 25 or something, what is like in Germany.

But these are rules.  I don’t make these rules.  So cannot change it.