F. MAYER/R. Gasquet 6‑3, 6‑1, 3‑6, 6‑2


            Q.  You must be delighted.  You had quite a journey since you last appeared in a Wimbledon quarterfinal.  Can you explain it to us?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yeah, of course.  I mean, today I played perfect match.  I really played well.  First time in this tournament I felt no pressure going on the court.  I played a guy top 15 in the world.  He was the favorite.  I played with less pressures than the matches before and my performance was much better than the last two rounds.

It’s an unbelievable feeling for me right now.  Eight years ago I was here in quarters, and now eight years later it’s again.  So it’s a wonderful dream for me.

Q.  I know you’ve had injuries and stuff…

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yeah, it’s tough to say.  I mean mental side is a tough side for me.  In tennis I had some years where I just had some tough losses and I didn’t feel well.

But last year already I played a perfect year.  I got back to the top 20.

So, yeah, everything is going good now.

Q.  Djokovic next.

FLORIAN MAYER:  That’s tough.  He’s absolute favorite.  I have to play him best‑of‑five.  He’s a great competitor on court.

Yeah, I have nothing to lose.  I hope I can enjoy this match and let him work as hard as possible.

Q.  Following up about facing Novak, what specifically would you say are the parts of his game that are the biggest difficulties for you?

FLORIAN MAYER:  I would say he’s returning back everything.  I saw some matches against Roger last tournament, US Open, French Open, and he’s returning almost everything.  So that’s one of his biggest weapon.

And he’s moving really great on court, especially on grass.  So, yeah, it’s a really, tough, tough opponent.

Q.  For you, what are the strengths in your game that might give him problems?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yeah, I think I can play everything.  I can play serve and volley; I can play dropshots; I can play with slice; I can play fast.

So I will try to irritate maybe him a little bit.  You never know in tennis.  Everything is possible.

Q.  When was the last time you were on Centre or No. 1 Court?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Eight years ago.

Q.  So in terms of going back, it would be nice to get back on the show courts?  How is it different to other courts?

FLORIAN MAYER:  It’s the same tennis court, just more spectators.  That’s the only thing.

Q.  What was it that brought you back to tennis?  I understand there was a period where you half turned your back on the sport.

FLORIAN MAYER:  Actually, to be honest, I don’t want to speak too much about this period of my career because it was a dark side.  I don’t want to speak right now about it.

Q.  Having done so well here, does it change your mind about not wanting to play the Olympics?

FLORIAN MAYER:  No.  The decision is made already.  I cannot take it back.  That’s my decision.  I know it’s maybe a tough decision to understand.  But, yeah, that’s it.

Q.  And the main reason for the decision was ranking points?

FLORIAN MAYER:  No.  I know it’s good chance to make points maybe, but we have a tough schedule.  I have to play the German Open in Hamburg on clay.  Then directly after the Olympics we have the two Masters Series.  The rule is if you are main draw in these Masters series you have to play, and after the US Open.

I know my body.  I cannot play five weeks in a row.  That’s why I took this decision.

Q.  Can you describe your thoughts on the German successes here?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yeah, I think it’s good for the German tennis, especially that me and Kohlschreiber could finally break through in a Grand Slam to reach in the quarters, not only the girls, like always.  So it’s good for the tennis in Germany.

Q.  Is this the best you ever played here?

FLORIAN MAYER:  I mean, this match was a perfect match.  I think it’s one of, of course, my top matches I played in my career.

Q.  Gasquet said your backhand was incredible.

FLORIAN MAYER:  I think he didn’t play a bad match.  I just played incredible.  I hit hard.  I went for my shots, not like in the last round where I was hoping that the opponent could maybe make a mistake.

Today I was going for the shots, hitting long line with my backhand.  So it was a perfect match, yes.

Q.  How did you find the conditions?  Frustrating because of the weather?  Was the grass difficult to run on?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Of course it’s not easy.  But, I mean, was better to lead with one set over the night.  Then I took two sets to love before next rain come.  Then he came back.

I played one bad game in the third set, and it showed why he’s a good‑ranked guy.  I mean, he took his chances.  In the fourth set everything was open, but I played a perfect fourth set and I think I deserved to win.

Q.  If you win, the conditions aren’t so bad really, are they?

FLORIAN MAYER:  Yeah, what should I say?  Of course it was cold and windy, but I don’t care right now (smiling).