D. FERRER/J. Del Potro 6‑3, 6‑2, 6‑3





Q.  Have you played a better match on grass before that?

DAVID FERRER:  Well, I don’t know.  Today was one of my best matches in this court, sure.  But I’m not sure if is my best or not.

Of course, in this season, grass court, today it was the best match.

Q.  How did you feel under the roof?  Did you feel the conditions different?

DAVID FERRER:  Yeah, the condition is different because the ball is good, and I feel good because I won in three sets to Juan Martin Del Potro.  I like it playing indoor court.


Q.  Can you tell us more about what the differences are between playing outside and inside under the roof.

DAVID FERRER:  Well, the difference is the windy.  Here in Wimbledon, there is a lot of windy.  In indoor court, in roof, is more easy for to play, no?

The ball is not move, and this is more comfortable for us.


Q.  What are you expecting from your match with Murray?

DAVID FERRER:  I think every match is different, but I played two weeks ago in clay court, and now I will play with him in grass court.  It’s going to be very difficult to beat Andy in all surfaces, but in grass court is more difficult.

He’s a favorite player because he’s better than me, and tomorrow I will try to do my best.  I will have to play my best tennis for to beat him.


Q.  How different does it feel to be the last Spaniard left in the tournament?

DAVID FERRER:  No, for me is not different.  I am focus only in the tournament.  Of course I prefer Rafael or another Spanish here with me because I am only with my team.

But I am doing the same like if they are here, the more Spanish.


Q.  Talk about the challenge of playing against Andy Murray at Wimbledon, his home Grand Slam with all the pressure he maybe faces?

DAVID FERRER:  Of course is a very important match, no, because is quarterfinal of Wimbledon.  Is different tournament.  But I will try to play focus every point.  I don’t want to think around the people, around the expectation about this match, no?

Maybe he has more pressure than me because he play in home with your people.  Sometimes is not easy.  But I think Andy, he’s a very great player.  He did semifinal here sometimes.  I think for him is gonna be one match more about your career.


Q.  This has been the most successful season of your career so far.  What do you think has been the key to that success, or do you think it’s a gradual improvement?

DAVID FERRER:  I don’t know exactly.  I am trying every year to improve my game.  I had very great years in 2010, 2011, and this year also.

I am lucky because I don’t have too many injuries, important injuries.


Q.  (No microphone.)

DAVID FERRER:  Both is very important, but maybe my return is my best weapon in grass court, because in grass court I don’t have a really power with my serve.  But I am playing very good with my return.