S. LISICKI/M. Sharapova 6-4, 6-3





Q.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone smile so much on a tennis court.

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, I enjoy the sport.  I just love playing tennis and I love being out there, especially at my favorite tournament.

So, you know, I just have fun out there.  I mean, I know I missed the shot by a little, but I was going for the right one, so there’s nothing to be mad about.

Q.  Was it your game plan to be aggressive right from the very start?

SABINE LISICKI:  Yeah, of course.  That’s my game, to serve well and be aggressive.  That’s what I did.  I think it worked well.


Q.  Did you have any indication how well it would go for you today?

SABINE LISICKI:  I felt great.  I had a great practice yesterday evening and felt good this morning.  As soon as I stepped on the court I also felt like I’m playing very well, so, you know, I was feeling very confident ‑ even though I lost the first game.

I just missed a couple of points here and there, but overall I just felt very good and confident.


Q.  No nerves?



Q.  At what point of the match did you realize that the match was yours, that Maria was not coming back?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, I felt very good even in the start of the first set already.  I felt like I’m hitting the balls very clean.  I’m doing what I’m supposed to do.  When I took the first set, it obviously gives you another lift, more confidence.

Well, I knew as soon as I got the break in the second set, I knew I’m going to take it home.


Q.  Is that revenge for last year?

SABINE LISICKI:  Yeah, for all three of them actually (laughter).


Q.  How sweet does it feel?

SABINE LISICKI:  It feels amazing.  I mean, she won the French Open.  Actually, that’s a good omen for me, because I’ve beaten the French Open champion three times here.  In ’09 I beat Kuznetsova, last year Na Li, and this year Maria.  I guess they shouldn’t be in my part of the draw.


Q.  You said on television that you like to play on grass so much.  Could you tell us just a bit about what you feel are the main challenges that grass presents here at Wimbledon, and what about it suits your game?

SABINE LISICKI:  I think on grass you have to have a good serve.  It gives you a great advantage.  That’s what I have.

I like to be aggressive in general, playing aggressive tennis, so I think that’s why grass suits me well.

I like to move on it.  Also the atmosphere here at Wimbledon is just amazing.  You know, all the traditions make me feel very comfortable here.


Q.  As the tournament pressure increases as we get into it, what in general is your personal approach to pressure?

SABINE LISICKI:  I don’t see any pressure for myself.  I just go out there, enjoy it, and want to play the best tennis I can and keep improving.  Why should I put pressure on myself?


Q.  Can you describe your thoughts on facing someone from your home country in the next round.

SABINE LISICKI:  To be honest, I’m not thinking about it yet.  I’m just being happy with my match today and the way I played.

I’ll worry about it tonight.


Q.  Is there any reason that you can’t win this tournament?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, you know, you have to take it match by match.  I’ve been playing better with each match and better each year, so we’ll see where I end up.


Q.  The commentators were complimentary about the power of your groundstrokes.  Do you consider yourself to be one of the hardest hitters on the tour?

SABINE LISICKI:  I don’t know.  You should ask the other girls probably.  I’m not playing against myself.

But, you know, I like to be aggressive, as I said.  That’s just my type of game.  But I also like to mix it up.  You know, it’s all about having fun on the court.


Q.  It all looks great, you’re happy, the dialogue is going well.  You had a lot of trouble with injuries and it’s been a long way back for you, hasn’t it?

SABINE LISICKI:  Well, I didn’t play well in my last tournaments, but that’s why I went to Florida.  I practiced just before Wimbledon there.  I got my confidence and my shots back.  I just had fun on the court again.

Spent twice two hours a day on the court and just feeling good.  That’s why I went back home to Florida and came in here feeling much, much better.  So it’s all good.