M. YOUZHNY/D. Istomin 6‑3, 5‑7, 6‑4, 6‑7, 7‑5





Q.  Looking ahead, you play a guy you know pretty well in Roger Federer.  How would you describe your history against Roger?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  First of all, you know, it’s good for me what I have one more chance against a great player, one of the best players in the world.

Actually, I cannot say anything more about that right now, because for me, you know, I don’t want to talk now how I will play, what happens against Federer if I will play, because I played many times against him.  I never beat this guy.  So just now I can’t talk like about my dreams, what I have to do on court to beat Roger.


Q.  So if not talking about your dreams, what you have to do, can you talk a little bit about the past matches?  What has been the difference?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  It was a really tough match for me against Denis, because he play really well.  He played consistent I think all five sets and he serve well.  So for me it was very, very tough match.


Q.  And then in your history with Roger, the past matches, what has been the difference, do you think?  Because you have had good matches with Roger.

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  My result all the time was not really good for me (laughter).


Q.  What do you think has been the difference?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  You know, we cannot compare like Istomin and Federer even when Denis play really well.  Denis play really well today, but Federer is Federer.

You know, if he give you some chances, you have to took immediately, because maybe you never had the second chance.

With Denis, sometime he play well but he help you in some moments.  But Roger never help me before.


Q.  I can understand that.  It’s the same for a lot of players.  He’s beaten a lot of guys a lot of times.  What does that do when you have that experience against a player and you know that you’ve lost the previous matches but you have a chance to turn it around?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  So I start from this one.  I’m happy already, because I will play against him.  So they give me one more chance maybe, you know.

My opinion now doesn’t matter how many times I lost to him more.  It’s just questions finally I can beat him once or I cannot beat him.

I never beat him, so it’s why I’m happy, because I will play against him.  I will have one more chance.


Q.  So do the past matches matter at all in your thinking?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  Yeah, well, of course, even if I said now, No, it doesn’t matter, of course in my head when I lost to a guy 13 times in a row and never beat him, you have to take in our head, I think, in our brains.  Because of course I remember almost all our matches, and it’s not on my side, actually.

But before going to quarter, I understand that new match is like new life.  I try to do all my best and don’t think about what was previous.


Q.  All the guys who are 30 years of age or older who are still in this tournament, what does that say to you?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  I don’t think about the age now.  I’m just one week 30, so it’s not big difference.

But now, if you see the even ranking and even how many times all that was previous ones start to play longer and have better result, it’s no big surprise.  My opinion, the 30 is not age when you have to decide something, I mean, to continue to play or stop to play, because we have a lot of examples when the players play until 35, 34.  So we still have time.


Q.  I notice that some of the guys who tend to do well here, including your second straight quarterfinal for you and Roger, have one‑handed backhands.  Can you talk a little bit about tactically why that seems to work well and how that worked in today’s match and just in general on grass?

MIKHAIL YOUZHNY:  We have not so many tournaments on grass.  Actually, grass what you have in Wimbledon it’s different from another tournament.

Here it is good grass.  It’s not really fast like was previous years, I mean, when I start to play Wimbledon.

But it’s tough to practice on grass.  Just came and play the matches, just between matches and play.  So I think is nobody practice a lot on grass now, just one, two weeks.  It’s a good question how we play before on the clay and in the French Open how many times we have before.

But Roger play always good here.  He play actually good everywhere, and I also have good results here before.