Y. SHVEDOVA/S. Errani 6‑0, 6‑4





Q.  Did we just overhear you say that you were in such a zone you didn’t even realize you hadn’t lost a point in the first set?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, I had no idea.  I was just playing every point and every game.  Like I didn’t feel like it was every game was 40‑Love, only in the second set.

Like I remember like first or second ball of the second set she won.  All the people start to like clap and scream.  I was like, What’s going on?  I even smiled.  I was, like, Okay, they want to see a good match.  I was like, Okay.

And then in the gym after the match, when I was cooling down, my coach came, and he’s like, Did you know like someone told me like the stats about you and not losing a point.  I was like, Really?  Like not making unforced errors or not losing points?  Not losing a point.  So it was incredible.

Q.  (Off microphone.)  The match with Isner and Mahut, did you think it was like something like this on Court 3 now after this match?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  I don’t know.  The golden plate?  On the Court 3?  I don’t know the tournament make it.  I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.  (Smiling.)


Q.  Are we under the impression you did it once before or came very close once before to doing this and double faulting?



Q.  Memphis?  You won 23 straight points in a row once before.  2007 don’t remember that?  Don’t remember that at all?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  I have no idea.  Don’t remember Memphis, even.


Q.  Since you found out, have you and Errani spoken about this at all?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No.  Like I still cannot believe, and I was like probably maybe they made the mistake or something until like I went to have a bit of food before the mixed.  My manager came, and she’s said like, They checked the stats.  They said it’s really true.  You won 24 points in a row.


Q.  But still you played a perfect set in the end, and it’s almost never happened before.  It’s happened once with a man.  So did it feel in any way different?  Did you feel like you were playing in a zone or anything?  Or not really?  It just felt like normal tennis to you?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, I was just playing.  Like I said, like I had no idea every game was 40‑Love.  I was just playing one, one, one.  I was so focused in such a zone.  It was just like one by one, like this.


Q.  But you have had that feel before on court, right?  That was normal, right?



Q.  So this perfect thing happened and it didn’t feel much different to you?



Q.  Talk to us about the conditions out there.  Seemed like the sun was in your eye a lot.  It was windy out.  What was it like out there?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, the sun was fine.  But it was pretty windy.  It was good because they had the big stands, so it wasn’t so strong, the wind, compared to like normal courts.

Yeah, I didn’t like think of it.  That was just accepting everything, and I was just trying to play with it.


Q.  You have been working with a new trainer since last year.  Can you tell us something about the relationship and if you think you have improved your game?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, like I work with Argentina coach Emiliano Redondi since last year.  I like it a lot.  First of all, he’s very good person and nice person.  We have a very good relationship off the court, as well.

On the court, like tactically he’s helping me and he’s helping me to teach me to play with my game, with my style, and like founding some things to do with my game against the opponents.


Q.  On that second‑serve ace that you had, what made you go for it?



Q.  Do you know that you had a second‑serve ace?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  I do sometimes.  I think it was kick, no?  Probably?  Oh, yeah, I remember.  No, because I was kicking always to her.  It was on advantage side.  I was like ‑‑ I think I had a let and I had to replay the second serve?


Q.  Yeah.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  I was like, Okay, I go for T and for slice.  She didn’t expect it.  She even jumped to the left expecting my kick serve, but it went to the line.  (Smiling.)


Q.  Emiliano said that you guys had a game plan and that you really followed it in the first set.  Is that easy for you to follow, you know, a plan?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  I feel good and everything is working, like in the shots and everything.  It’s easier to do things with the ball and follow the game.  Today was very good day for me.  So everything worked.


Q.  You had great success, you know.  You had two Grand Slams with Vania.  How does it feel?  This experience been helping you to play a player that was just in the finals of the Roland Garros?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, I knew she’s like European and she used to play on clay, and she’s a great player in general, as well.  She had a good Australian Open.

I knew like she’s not that comfortable on a quick surface.  Grass is the quickest.

We planned with my coach to open her a lot and play aggressive, and it was very hard for her to play against it, because clay court is much slower.  She could have do more damage.


Q.  You also showed like tremendous confidence when you play.  Like you have this aura around you, very focused.  How do you keep, you know, your concentration for the match?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Just trying to focus on my game and stay positive and cheer myself up always.  My team is great around me.  They helping me, and I just ‑‑ even if I lose or I do mistakes, I’m still like positive.  It’s okay.  It’s okay.

I have a good wave now of tennis, and I get my confidence a lot at the French Open.  I’m just like focusing on the main things what I need to do, and it’s working.

I just like going, doing and doing and doing the same.


Q.  Emiliano said that also like you work very hard, and you’re always ready to work.  You have great work ethic.  Is that important that you keep that?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, I like to work.  I like to improve myself on the court and off the court.  Only thinking what I can do to be better.

I think now like since I was injured and like I had a bad time, and now I broked it.  Coming back again, it’s giving me more spirit and more confidence and more energy to work harder.


Q.  Did you, before today, know that a golden set existed?



Q.  I mean, you never heard players talk about it at all?



Q.  So what does it feel like to have done it?  You may or may not know, but no woman has done that before.  That’s history.  It’s a historic moment.  It’s one of the great moments.  It’s one of the things to remember from these Championships.  What does that feel like?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  It’s very nice.  People remember me a little bit more.  (Smiling.)


Q.  Considering all that can go wrong in a set, all the ways you could lose a point, are you surprised?  Are you amazed?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, I surprised that I was so focused, and I didn’t see it even.  I was just so into the game.  I was just playing one by one and didn’t think of anything else.


Q.  But it sounds like you feel as if you’ve played better sets in your life.  Have you played better sets of tennis than this first set today, do you think?  Forget the score.  Where you felt, Oh, I really played.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, today was very great set.  (Laughter.)


Q.  I understand.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, but what do you mean about…


Q.  I was just wondering if there were other times you felt you played even better than today.  Was this the highest level you think you’ve ever played in a set?  You think back, oh, no, I remember when I played one set against X or Y, it was much better?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, I think it’s ‑‑ like what I remember now, my memory is not the best with the tennis matches of mine.

Yeah, it’s just like now I’m trying to think how I was feeling at this match, and how is it feeling like spirit and everything.

Yeah, I think it was just ‑‑ it’s the greatest.  Maybe I will remember later today.  I don’t know.  I can tell you after.


Q.  You have always been very good and everything, but in Roland Garros, you almost had like a breakthrough when you played really well.  Do you think you’re bringing the same type of game to Wimbledon?  You are golden, right?  But how does it translate being here?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, it’s just ‑‑ I think it’s more about confidence, what I got in French Open, passing qually and making to the quarterfinal with the good matches and good spirit.  I was always like fire up and positive like ‑‑ for here, I was keep trying to do it, and like I think to the Wimbledon like they gave me a wildcard to the main draw so I don’t have to go through the qually again.

I was just focusing on having this spirit and keep on doing what I was doing.


Q.  Do you consider yourself a momentum player?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  What do you mean?


Q.  Someone who once they get going, they’re hard to stop, and if they’re going in the other direction, it’s hard to turn around.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Like, for example, after the French Open, I was only focusing on keep feeling the same things…


Q.  No, but I mean in a match when you start to win a lot of points, you’re hard to stop once you get going.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, but it’s ‑‑ like you play against a player, each player also plays, and it’s just the game.  Even like if you lose or you’re down, like I was down two games with Sara, and in second set I was, Okay, it doesn’t matter.  It’s just one break.  Play one by one, and you come back.


Q.  Can I ask you about that?  You win the set 6‑Love.  You go down the early break.  A lot of people look at that with the women’s game of tennis in general, when you win a set like that, is it tough to maintain in terms of the concentration?  Because you often see when people win a set 6‑Love, then it happens they fall a break down, is it tougher to do that, to maintain your focus that you had obviously throughout the first set?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No.  How I was feeling is just she also kind of relax and she hit like she went for some of the shots, so ‑‑ which I couldn’t get.  Like she went for the winner and she made it.

It was good of her.  It was a couple of balls I tried to go, and I just lost a bit of concentration also, because I had 6‑Love, so I wanted more.  I wanted to play better and harder and stronger and like on the lines all the time, so sometimes I miss.


Q.  You won Li Na in Paris with great confidence, play very good.  How do you think it’s possible to stay in this same concentration for the next match with Serena?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, I will try to rest now.  I have a day off tomorrow.  Then Monday we play.  She had the tough match, and like I will just go on court as I usually go and be positive and just enjoy the game and try to feel and focus on the things what I have to do.