K. CLIJSTERS/ V. Zvonareva 6‑3, 4‑3 (ret.)





Q.  What was the problem?

VERA ZVONAREVA:  I don’t know what they call that.  I think they call it a respiratory infection.  It was very difficult for me to breathe and continue in the match.

Q.  How long have you had that problem?

VERA ZVONAREVA:  Since four days.  But it was getting worse and worse every day.  Today it was pretty bad.


Q.  You could see on TV you couldn’t contain your emotions.  Was it the fact you were on Centre Court and your illness was stopping you playing?

VERA ZVONAREVA:  Probably disappointment that I cannot play the match.


Q.  How much did it actually affect you when you were playing?

VERA ZVONAREVA:  I had to retire, so…  It was not possible for me to play, you know.

You never want to retire during the Grand Slam, one of the great matches when you are playing good player.  It’s never good.


Q.  What happened after the match?  Have you seen a doctor?

VERA ZVONAREVA:  Yeah, of course.  They knew I wasn’t feeling well, so they knew what was happening.  Of course they were giving me treatment.  When I’m not moving, when I’m not active physically, it is better.

But moving, like running, is just impossible.  At this level it’s impossible to play.


Q.  How do you feel now?

VERA ZVONAREVA: Not great, but hopefully it will get better.