M. CILIC/S. Querrey 7‑6, 6‑4, 6‑7, 6‑7, 17‑15





Q.  Did you think it was going to go on until Monday?

MARIN CILIC:  Well, it was getting dark, so I think if we would have stayed another 10, 15 minutes, it definitely would went to Monday.

Was mentally not easy, especially in that fifth set.  I was serving for the match after that long of a match.  I felt I had a lot of chances in that third, fourth, and fifth set always close, close to him and on his serves, but never really finding the one point that could really make a difference.

So it was especially difficult in the end to always stay focused and concentrated to do what you need to do, especially when playing that long not to miss some easy balls on your serve.

With that, the wind a little bit, it was wind was swirling around all the time, so that also made it a bit difficult.

Q.  Did you think at one point it might go on as long as Mahut and Isner?

MARIN CILIC:  No.  I didn’t want to put that in my head.  (Smiling.)

But I was feeling there in the fifth set that I was a little closer to breaking him than he was closer to me.

And he had in one game Love‑30.  That was I think the closest one, maybe a break point, but not really remembering everything.

Definitely that gave me a little more confidence and a push that I keep going and eventually that I’m going to break him.


Q.  Is that the longest match of your career?  How are you feeling physically now?

MARIN CILIC:  Yeah, it is the longest one.  I mean, we didn’t have too many rallies that were physically tough.  It was a lot of serving and one or two shots.  It’s more of walking in the match for that long.

I played this year also five hours and ten minutes with Nalbandian on clay in Argentina in Davis Cup, so that was really difficult physically.

I would say this was more mentally tough to stay in there and to cope with all the things that are coming.


Q.  When you came off, did you manage to watch any of the Murray match?

MARIN CILIC:  I watched just now the beginning of the third, but couldn’t really pay attention to what was going on.


Q.  Do you think it would be good for you if it does go through to Monday and gives you an extra day to recover and also makes it more difficult for them?

MARIN CILIC:  Well, definitely.  I mean, I would use that also to recover better.  Obviously now it’s also a little bit late, so going into a night and tomorrow just having one day to recover completely.

But I would be definitely ready for to go on Monday or Tuesday, because I feel okay.  I mean, a little bit fatigued.  But just to get my energy back, I feel I’m going to be okay, because I don’t feel any soreness in muscles or anything.


Q.  Was there anything you kept saying to yourself as the match got going farther and farther?

MARIN CILIC:  Yes.  Especially that second part of the match I was trying not to give him too much as I felt when the point gets going I felt I had some a little bit of an edge than him.

So I think that was the only thing I was trying to do, especially on the return games, to put as many balls back and to try to move him around to make a little more physical.


Q.  If this match does go to Monday ‑ we’ll see ‑  would you watch it or go along or send Bob along to scout it or how would you do it?

MARIN CILIC:  Definitely he’s gonna watch.  But both of the players I know pretty well.  I played Andy over the already four or five times, and played Marcos two, three times.  So it would be for me to play on grass second time with Andy if it’s going to happen.  We played once in Davis Cup here five years ago.

I mean, we’ll see what’s gonna happen.  That will make a big difference.


Q.  What do you plan to do tomorrow on your day off?

MARIN CILIC:  I’ll come to play, still to play at least one hour to get myself moving.  You don’t want to stay at home and get too lazy.

Of course try to eat as much as I can.  I missed lunch and dinner tonight.  (Laughter.)

That’s pretty crucial.


Q.  What sort of food do you eat on this occasion where you have to build up for a big match?

MARIN CILIC:  Carbohydrates.  I lost a lot of energy.  That’s the only way to get things back to even.


Q.  What sort of carbs?

MARIN CILIC:  Pasta or rice.  No other option.  Gotta stick with that sometimes.  Especially now when playing this long, you have to eat, and doesn’t make it easy on you.


Q.  When it comes to Andy and Wimbledon, there is obviously the crowd getting behind him and really trying to give him a lift.  That’s going to be a bit different from a Davis Cup match here.  How confident are you to deal with that kind of environment?

MARIN CILIC:  It would be new for me, definitely.  I know how much it definitely means to him, but also means to me a lot.

All those things, the challenges that you have to deal with, you are coming to them, and I would approach it as some positive thing, another thing that it’s there in the game, and trying to deal with it in the best possible way.


Q.  Do you think you have a chance to beat him?  Obviously you did well at Queen’s, you are playing well this week and getting into your form, as well.

MARIN CILIC:  Yes, I have to go into the match with positive thinking, that if I do things right, if I do what I’m planing to do in the match ‑ of course, going for it ‑ I have to be that way.  You can’t really go in the match thinking something negative.