N. DJOKOVIC/R. Stepanek 4‑6, 6‑2, 6‑2, 6‑2





Q.  Did you think maybe when you took the first set that there might be another Czech shock on the cards?

RADEK STEPANEK:  Yeah, it would be nice, no? Yeah, after the first set I played a great set.  You know, I backed up some break points against my serve right from the beginning.  There were long games the whole match.  Even the score in the last three sets, you know, looks easy.

I think on the court it was, you know, battling nearly after every game.  You know, I lose my serve straight at the beginning of the second set, which was not a good move from my side, because once you get, you know, these top guys going, then it’s tough to stop them.

Even, you know, it was one set all, I had ‑‑ first four games in the third set I had ‑‑ in his two service games I had break points.  In my service games I had game points.  So I should have won all four games, but tennis is not played what I should do but what I did.  I lost unfortunately all four games.

You know, I believe fourth set from Novak’s side was very impressive.  I was battling until the end, but the fourth set I felt like no matter what I do on the court, he always answers.

Q.  What did you make of Lukas Rosol’s performance last night?

RADEK STEPANEK:  I think, you know, everybody was definitely shocked, because, you know, it was ‑‑ if you put, you know, a million on red yesterday, it was there every single time.

He was just swinging, swinging, and, you know, it was very impressive from his side what he did yesterday.


Q.  Do you think he can go further in the tournament?  Do you think he will continue to play like that?

RADEK STEPANEK:  I think you will have the answer in 24 hours.  I think, you know, that’s what all people will, you know, ask from yesterday, is he able to, you know, continue playing like that.  Because always you play a top guy like Djokovic, Nadal, Federer, Murray, you always have nothing to lose, you know.

Tomorrow he will have to prove what he did yesterday, and that will be the question.  After that, you can make summaries of what he did.

You know, anyway, it’s still third round, and if he will be able to, you know, go further, it will be a great achievement.


Q.  What have you seen from him in the past that would have ever made you expect something like this?

RADEK STEPANEK:  You know, I have been with Lukas in all Davis Cup ties for last, I don’t know, four or five years.  We knew that he’s hitting the ball hard from anywhere, but, you know, because it was missing the court.  You know, yesterday was an example when everything goes with you and the day is there, you feel that you can’t miss the court and you hit winners from everywhere.  That’s what happened for him yesterday, which is great, you know, for him.  Beating Nadal on Centre Court in Wimbledon, it takes something.


Q.  Did you talk to him after?  Have you spoken to him?

RADEK STEPANEK:  I watched the end of the match when I had massage in the house, and the fifth‑set performance was tremendous.  You know, everybody was betting that Nadal will come back, you know, as always.

You know, I feel when I saw his face he didn’t even know that he’s on Centre Court, and he just went after his shots hitting winners from everywhere. Because they finished quite late and I had to get ready for my match today, I text him straightaway after the match point that it is a huge achievement, that he is to enjoy it and push it forward.


Q.  Did he text you back?

RADEK STEPANEK:  I believe he had 150 messages.  (Smiling.)

I know how it feels.  You know, it’s better not to read all the messages and just, you know, finish the tournament and then answer.  But definitely I will see him around and I will congratulate him