V. TROICKI/J. Monaco 7‑5, 7‑5, 6‑3





Q.  If you excuse me, I was hoping to talk about Rafa a little bit.  You’re very good friends with Rafa.  Were you surprised to see him exiting the competition last night?  Was it a shock?

JUAN MONACO:  Of course I’m surprised.  It was like I don’t know how many years that he didn’t lose early in a Grand Slam.

I didn’t talk to him.  I know for sure he’s very disappointed.  He’s sad because he’s a great champion.  He played very well last four months ago, so, I mean, it’s good time to rest for him, I guess.

Hopefully he’s going to be ready, better condition, for Olympic Games.

Q.  Is it just a case of a guy having a great match and just he was inspired?

JUAN MONACO:  Could happen.  I mean, the guy’s nothing to lose, playing unbelievable, great serves.  Final set, I mean, he got an early break.  Then he played so relaxed, like all the shots go through like so easy.  Nothing to lose.

I mean, he really deserved to win.


Q.  Obviously Andy Murray, it opens up his half of the draw, but there are other players…

JUAN MONACO:  It’s a long way.  I mean, he has good opportunity this year, but it’s a long way.  I mean, it’s so far.  Has to play match by match, I guess.


Q.  Do you think it is basically, you know, he gets to the semifinals and then he can start worrying about that?  That’s when he would have been drawn to meet Rafa, anyway.  I know you know Andy very well.

JUAN MONACO:  Yeah, I know Andy.  But, I mean, I don’t want to put pressure to him.  He has a big opportunity, so I hope this year he get through.

I mean, it’s difficult.  It’s a long way to reach a final.  I mean, Rafa is not there, so he has a big chance, I guess.


Q.  Along the similar lines, you just played Rosol in France.  Could you have seen this coming from him?



Q.  You just played Rosol at the French Open, right?



Q.  Could you have seen this kind of performance coming from him that he delivered last night?

JUAN MONACO:  I mean, are you trying to say like he was playing to me…


Q.  You have experience playing with him.

JUAN MONACO:  Yes, yes.


Q.  You know his game and his style.



Q.  Could you have foreseen…

JUAN MONACO:  No.  He didn’t play like in French.  I mean, the beginning he didn’t play well.  I saw just the first set, and then I have to rest.

Then I saw last set, just last set on TV, and I saw him a little bit tired.  I mean, the other guy really deserve to win, but I saw Rafa mentally like a little bit ‑‑ not like in Paris, not like a big, big champion he is.  I mean, I saw him a little bit tired.  My opinion, eh?