K. CLIJSTERS/A. Hlavackova 6‑3, 6‑3





Q.  Have you played under the Centre Court roof before?

KIM CLIJSTERS:  Yes.  First day.

In 2009 when we had the opening ceremony, that was the first and the last time.

Q.  Everything going well?

KIM CLIJSTERS:  Yeah, I was very happy with the way everything went today.  I felt it was another step upwards from my first match against Jankovic.  You know, we had a long match before us, so I was really focused once I got out there and just really tried to be ready from the start.

I was able to just keep my level up throughout that whole match.  I thought my opponent played, you know, a really tough game to read as well.  She was serving well.  So it was only a couple games here and there that made the difference.