A. RUS/S. Stosur 6‑2, 0‑6, 6‑4





Q.  What went through your mind after the second match point?  She played such an amazing backhand after a long rally.  How did you manage to stay cool?

ARANTXA RUS:  Yeah, she played a great point.  It was a good point.  I was just thinking, Go for every ball, and, yeah, not thinking about the match points.

Q.  How confident were you when you came into this match that you could be sitting here as the winner?  Did you really think you could beat her here?

ARANTXA RUS:  Before the match I knew she’s not a great grass player.  But me also not.

But, yeah, I believe before the match that I could win.  Yeah, so I think the third set we played both good points.


Q.  Did you feel you might have let it slip after the two match points?

ARANTXA RUS:  No, not really.  Second match point, yeah, it was a good point.  After I make a few mistakes, but the game after I broke her back and I won.


Q.  Can you describe what happened in the second set?

ARANTXA RUS:  She played more aggressive and she broke me the first game already, so it was hard to come back because she served good.

Yeah, with these great players, if you don’t get the score on the same, you know, if she goes like a break up she plays better.

Yeah, then the third set, the first game was very important.


Q.  This is your second win over a top 5 player.  How do you describe responding to the pressure of that situation?

ARANTXA RUS:  The other was on clay.  I remember the other match.  Yeah, for me, this one I’m really happy because it was on grass.

Yeah, before I didn’t like it so much because clay, it’s really my favorite, so this is a really nice win for me.


Q.  Would you describe this as a bigger win?

ARANTXA RUS:  No, not a bigger win.  But for me it was more important to win this match on the grass and believe I can play also good on the grass.


Q.  Do you think the first game of the third set was the most important game of the match?  Talk about that game.

ARANTXA RUS:  From the third set, yes, because I lost 6‑Love the second set.  If you come a break down in the third, it’s very hard to come back.

Also the third game of the third set was very important.  If I had 3‑0, it’s hard to come back of.


Q.  Were you surprised that she didn’t maintain the momentum she had in the second set?

ARANTXA RUS:  Yeah, the first game she had two breakpoints.  Yeah, I served good that points.  Yeah, then I started also to play better and better.  Then I think it was a really good match, I think.


Q.  You mentioned grass isn’t your favorite surface, but you’re in the third round.  Is everything now a bonus, or do you have a target in mind?

ARANTXA RUS:  I practice a lot this weeks on the grass, and I think I improve more and more also if you see the last years I played on grass.

Yeah, I have to practice good on grass to play also good, because it’s not really my favorite.


Q.  Do you think the grass courts are playing a little bit slower this year?

ARANTXA RUS:  I don’t know.  I only played here one time in the main draw before two years ago.  The other times I played quallies.  I don’t remember if they are slower this year.