A. IVANOVIC/M. Martinez Sanchez 6‑3, 3‑6, 6‑3





Q.  Must be pretty happy.  A little bit tough along the way?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, definitely.  Very happy with the victory.  It’s never very easy playing first round, but also playing against such an opponent who mixes up lot.  It’s a lefty and very well suited to the grass‑court game.  I’m really happy and proud that I got through that third set, because it wasn’t easy till the end.

Q.  What would be a success for you at this year’s tournament?

ANA IVANOVIC:  I always talk about this, what I would like and so on.  It’s really hard to predict.  I had really a little bit of injury before.  I didn’t have ideal preparation.  I’m happy to be able to compete and feel healthy.


Q.  Talk about the evolution of your grass‑court game from the first time you played till now.

ANA IVANOVIC:  It’s definitely getting better.  I’m more used to sort of the direction ball is coming from and I understand a little bit better which direction you have to go if the ball comes from certainly angles.

I’m a little bit freer in my slice and volleys.  Today I even mixed up one serve and volley.

I really hope I can integrate this into my game and do it more.  I feel confident and in practice I do it a lot.  I just hope I can put it in my matches a bit more.


Q.  Do you feel you have to shorten your strokes at all, and does that make you uncomfortable?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, definitely you have to stay a lot lower and shorten your swing a little.  Yeah, you do play a little flatter naturally on grass.  That’s something that I actually been working on the opposite.  I’ve been working on a lot more spin and trying to get more work on the ball.

But still you can do a little bit of that on grass if you stay low.


Q.  Do you think it’s going to feel strange to have a second Wimbledon within a month of each other?  Are you going to stay in London to prepare?

ANA IVANOVIC:  It will definitely feel very strange.  It’s even hard to imagine.  But I love London, and I’m really excited to be back here.

After Wimbledon I will take some time off and have some holidays, and then I will come back here and prepare in London for a week or ten days before Olympics.


Q.  When you first came up as a player, you had Venus, Serena, Kim, Justine, all playing at a very high level and not being injured.  Now it’s a little more wide open.  Do you think it’s weaker at the top or it’s just there is more depth in the game?

ANA IVANOVIC:  I think there is more depth in the game definitely, because there is lot, lot of good players that can challenge good players from the very first rounds.  We can see this in every tournament basically.

In a way that’s exciting.  In a way I think the game evolved so much that these younger girls, they’re just playing a lot more aggressive and freer.  It’s dangerous game for top players, but it’s definitely the future of the tennis.

You can always see the one who strikes the ball the best wins in the end.


Q.  Gilles Simon yesterday said the women shouldn’t have the same prize money because girls don’t play as many sets.

ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, it’s always been talked about, but we are different physiques, as well.  I think we earn our money, as well.

I mean, I was two and a half hours out there today (laughter).


Q.  In view of what you were saying about the Olympics and your condition, is there a sense in which Wimbledon is great preparation for the Olympics?

ANA IVANOVIC:  I really, really want to be in the moment.  For me, Wimbledon, it’s very important and very special.  I really want to put every energy in trying to do the best I can here and then worry about Olympics later, because I will have enough time to wind down and get my fitness and game up for Olympics, too.


Q.  Your chance at the Olympics might be better than it is here?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Obviously, you get more matches on the grass and you do get a little more experience.  Maybe I have more preparation than I did for this one.  But I think every week is a chance.  I don’t see why this week would be different than the Olympic week.


Q.  When Maria won Roland Garros, did you say, Look at all the work she put in; if she can do it at Roland Garros, maybe I can do it at Wimbledon?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Definitely it’s inspiring to see that.  I think every hard work pays off sooner or later.  That’s why it’s important to keep at it.

I think you get what you deserve basically.  You know, I’ve been working hard.  I’ve been feeling much better on the court.  I know good things are around the corner.

Seeing her do well and other players getting better and getting their rankings higher up, it definitely inspires me.


Q.  Just talk about your next match.

ANA IVANOVIC:  It’s going to be tough match no matter what.  I remember playing her in the junior final Wimbledon on Court 18.  It’s going to be a tough match, a lot different than today’s one.  I just want to try and recover the best I can today and come fresh tomorrow.