F. SCHIAVONE/L. Robson 3‑6, 6‑4, 6‑4




Q.  The injury break at the end of the first set, did that affect you at all in terms of your rhythm and concentration?

LAURA ROBSON:  Yeah, uhm, it’s really important to stay warm when anyone takes an injury timeout, especially when one lasted as long as that one did.  I won my first service game, so I don’t think it really affected me.

In general I think she took a lot of time between points, and that gave me more time to think about, uhm, what I was doing.

I think that’s really tough.

Q.  Also before each serve, as well.  Toweling down, that sort of thing.

LAURA ROBSON:  That’s normal, yeah.

Q.  Momentum is evening in a match.  That killed it, that 15 minutes.

LAURA ROBSON:  I don’t think it killed it because I won my first service game, and then I was holding serve fairly easily until the one service game that I lost.

Uhm, I just tried to go for a little bit too much.  Really, I should have just stuck with how I was playing before.

Q.  Was it a match of concentration?

LAURA ROBSON:  Uhm, well, I was a little bit disappointed that I missed the three breakpoints.

But, you know, I was still on serve, still a set up.  I just went for a little bit too much on my first serve, uhm, because I was trying to stay aggressive and get the first strike in the rally.  That gave here more of an opportunity in the first few points of the game.

Q.  Did you still feel okay after you lost the breakpoints?  Did that unsettle you?

LAURA ROBSON:  No, I was fine.  It happens.  Still on serve, yeah.

Q.  What is your overriding emotion now?  Are you frustrated?

LAURA ROBSON:  I’m really disappointed actually.  Uhm, yeah, I thought I was in control of it, and then just made a few mistakes and let her get back into the match.  She’s a Grand Slam champion.  She took advantage of that completely.

Q.  She was injured in the first set.  Did you notice when you were playing?

LAURA ROBSON:  I was focused on myself so I didn’t really notice any issues with her.  If something’s hurting, then you call the trainer.

Q.  Who will you be rooting for now?


Q.  Do you feel you’re closer ever standard‑wise to Schiavone than you were a few months ago?

LAURA ROBSON:  Definitely closer than a few months ago.  I stuck with her, even in the third set when I went 5‑1 down.  I’ve still got so many things to work on.  Uhm, I missed a lot of returns, and that’s definitely one of the key areas I’m going to be working on in the next few days, especially going into doubles.

Q.  Does the noise she makes affect you at all?

LAURA ROBSON:  I was grunting, as well.  (Smiling.)  Doesn’t bother me at all.

Q.  What do you know about the Olympics coming up?

LAURA ROBSON:  I have no idea.  Uhm, you’re probably more informed than I am.

Uhm, obviously I would love to play.  Given the chance, I would be very, very happy.  But I don’t know when we find out.  You know, I don’t know what the selection is based on really.

Q.  Do you think it would feel different?  How do you think it would feel to represent Britain if that were to happen?

LAURA ROBSON:  It would be amazing.  Uhm, I loved playing for Great Britain at Fed Cup.  I think as a team we did well there.

For the Olympics, any of the girls would love to play, obviously.

Q.  It was a tough match.  You went down a break right away.  You were fighting a lot.  At the end of the match you played much better.  It almost felt that you weren’t believing.  You’re in the beginning of a third set and you still have a chance.  What was going on at that moment?

LAURA ROBSON:  I definitely believed that I could win.  Uhm, you know, in the start of the third set and the end of the second I think I was just trying to go for too much because she was getting much more balls back and I was just trying to stay the aggressive player in the point, keep the rallies short.

Yeah, it happens.  You know, you miss.  All I could try and do, uhm, throughout the third said was stay with her and stay aggressive.

Q.  What were you most pleased with in your match today about your game?

LAURA ROBSON:  Uhm, I don’t know.  Maybe ask me in a few days.  (Smiling.)

Q.  You’re such a great fighter.  You had the tough match with Maria Sharapova.  Did it cross your mind at any point during the match today?  Did you think about that match?

LAURA ROBSON:  Think about my match against Sharapova?

Q.  Yes.

LAURA ROBSON:  No, I wasn’t thinking about that match.  I was purely focused on the match today and what I could do to get ahead.

Q.  Are you playing mixed doubles here?

LAURA ROBSON:  I’m signed in.  I don’t know when the wild cards are announced.  I’m signed in with Dominic Inglot.  He’s got massive serves, and hopefully we’ll do okay.

Q.  You were very young when you started playing.  You seem to have developed into a very well‑rounded athlete now.  Has there been anything in particular you’ve been doing to work on your athleticism?

LAURA ROBSON:  I don’t think that many people would call me particularly athletic, but I work hard on my fitness.  I spend a lot of time with my trainer.

And, yeah, you know, we’ve been working on the right things, being more explosive on the court, generally keeping up with the cardio stuff.

So I think my movement has improved, but it’s definitely a work in progress.