A. KEOTHAVONG/L. Pous‑Tio 6‑3, 6‑3





Q.  What a day.  A win and confirmation for the Olympics.  Were there any tears from you?

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  There weren’t actually any proper tears, but I feel like I could cry because I’m so happy.

The news about the Olympics came on through before I went on court for my singles match this evening.  Just to have that confirmation, it’s just something I’ve always dreamt about, you know, something I’ve worked hard towards, and I’m just so proud to say I can be representing Great Britain at the Olympics this year.

Q.  And the win today?

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  The win today was good.  I think I made it a little difficult for myself out there.  It’s a first‑round match at Wimbledon.  You’re bound to be a little bit nervous, and I think I was at the start of the match.

There were quite a few breaks at the start.  But I felt like I settled into the match well eventually, and I never really felt I was going to lose the match.

It was just a case of, you know, doing what I had to do and getting the job done.


Q.  Five Brits in the second round.  Doesn’t always happen.

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  Does that mean everyone is going to write something good, Brits winning matches at Wimbledon?  Isn’t that what everyone wants?

I saw Wardy was down 3‑Love in the fifth.  To come back and win a match like for him is brilliant.  Bally also winning in three sets.  Heather last night.

You know, I think it’s been great.  The better all the Brits do, I think the better all round for everyone.


Q.  Laura had a tough match and fought hard at the end.  You’re close.  Does it give you an incentive to go out there and win your match to represent Britain?

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  Yeah, I think all of us here, definitely we’re coming into this tournament wanting to win matches.  That’s what all of us want to do.  You prepare the best you can.

Once you go out on the court, win or lose, the one thing you can only guarantee is trying your absolute best.


Q.  Is there any advantage that she has to play tomorrow, Errani?

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  I actually have no idea because I didn’t actually know that.


Q.  She’s got match point.

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  Is she on match point up?  Yeah, I didn’t know that.


Q.  (Question off mic.)

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  No.  Because I’d like to think when I go into my next match I have a shot of winning.  So I want to kind of want to break that.


Q.  It’s good we’ve got five in the second round.  Do you think it would be real a statement of intent if we could have two or three more in the third as well?

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  Yeah, absolutely.  I don’t know who the other girls are playing, but if I play Sara Errani in my next match, she’s been playing great tennis.  She’s been one of the girls that has won the most number of matches this year, and obviously making the finals in Paris.

I’ve played her before.  She’s going to be a tough opponent.  But it’s a match where I definitely feel I’ve got to do things better than I did today if I’m going to have a shot at it.


Q.  Elena has Petra.

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  Petra.  Yeah, well, I guess that’s a tough match for her.  I think Petra was struggling today in her first‑round match.

Anyone’s beatable on any given day.


Q.  Judy Murray has a new role with the Fed Cup.  She has a lot of experience.  Has she added new things to your game?

ANNE KEOTHAVONG:  Yeah, at Fed Cup it’s been fun having Judy around.  Her son is one of the best players in the world.  She knows what she’s talking about.

I think her good qualities are there in terms of scouting opposition, in terms of making us all feel good.  It’s good fun.