J. TIPSAREVIC/D. Nalbandian 6‑4, 7‑6, 6‑2





Q.  Did you feel it was a tough draw when you first saw who you were going to be playing?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Well, when you’re not seeded you can play with everybody.  So I think playing with Janko in the first round is a very tough first round, but that’s the way it is.

Q.  The umpire at 3‑4 in the second set, there was a Hawk‑Eye challenge.  Did that have an impact on how the match was going?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Yeah, I don’t know.  With technology, they’re still doing some mistakes.  Maybe he was a little bit rush or I don’t know.


Q.  You thought you should have won the point; instead you replayed the point.

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  I thought that I win the point.  He say that he overrule it, but the microphone was off so nobody hear it.

Was maybe strange point in a very important moment.  I get few breakpoints in that game.  That deuce was very important to me.


Q.  Must also have been frustrating how many breakpoints you had the first set, but he played well.

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Yeah, I think I have more chances to break him than he has to me.  But he breaked me more times.  In more moments he played better.  He saved a lot of breakpoints.

That’s the way in these kind of matches.  You have to play better in the important moments.  I didn’t.  He do.  He win.


Q.  Back to the draw, I guess it was a consequence of what happened at Queen’s that you weren’t seeded.  Is that something which is particularly frustrating?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Yeah, but I’ve been playing for six month.  If I’m not seeded, is not only for one week.  It’s for what’s happening in half season that I was playing on, so…


Q.  Do you feel sometimes the officials were against you, as well?



Q.  Yes.

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  I don’t know.  They never do mistakes in 15‑All.  All mistakes are in the deuce, the breakpoints, very important moments.  I don’t know why it’s the rush.

Now technology helps everybody when it’s a very tight call, and still having some tricky points like today.  I didn’t understand why.


Q.  Do you think the umpire shouldn’t overrule given that you have Hawk‑Eye now?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  They have to be very sure, 100%.  If they not, let the players do a challenge.  I mean, pretty much they do like this at the moment.  Nobody gets involved, really involved, in the point as many as before.

So I don’t know why the rush to call at an important moment.  Because Janko call it.  When the balls bounce, Janko call a challenge.  So, I mean, I said, Too simple.


Q.  Ten years on from reaching the final here, did you feel you had good support from the crowd?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Yeah, really feel good.  Always had incredible memories here.  I like to play on grass.  It’s a great surface, funny surface.  I really enjoyed it every time I play here.

I feeled very good with the crowd today, as well.


Q.  You said in an interview that I read today you had a lot of support over the line’s judge incident at Queen’s.  Has anybody said anything bad to you since then?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  No.  Bad luck.  Can happen to everybody.


Q.  You’re pleased with the support you’ve had since then?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Absolutely, absolutely.  I think everybody understood wasn’t a good thing that I did, but was very unlucky, as well.  Was no suspension to do that.

I think everybody understand that point.


Q.  It’s been mentioned the police spoke to you about that; is that true?



Q.  Presumably you said the same thing, that this was bad luck?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  Everybody saw it.


Q.  Have they indicated what they might do, the police?

DAVID NALBANDIAN:  No.  I don’t know what they’re going to do.  I just do my declaration and that’s it.  That’s it.