M. SHARAPOVA/S. Errani 6‑3, 6‑2





Q.  You put up a good fight.  How do you feel like you handled the occasion and yourself out there?

SARA ERRANI:  Sorry, I didn’t understand.  You?

Q.  How do you feel like you handled the match?

SARA ERRANI:  I handled?

(Through translation.)

Well, I start very bad, so with this player, if you give her like some games like this in the beginning, of course they are more relaxed.  It was very difficult for me to play.

She played very good, I think.  She played very like this (Demonstrating straight hands).  So for me it was very difficult for me to start the point where I want to play the point.

In the first two or three balls she play very good and the serve received, so I couldn’t arrive to play on the game that I want to play, so…


Q.  Having said that, in the second set it looked like you played very well.  You did some fantastic shots.  Did you feel that you forgot the occasion and then you just got into the game?

SARA ERRANI:  I played better the second set, but still was difficult for me, like I said.

She won many points with the serve, with the receive in the first two or three shots, so for me was difficult.  I couldn’t arrive to play long points like I want to play, so was difficult for me.

Q.  Given that it was your first Grand Slam final, how different did you find the match?  Can you talk about how you felt about the match?

SARA ERRANI:  No.  I don’t know.  I was nervous, of course.  In the beginning the court was full, but was very nice at the same time.

I’ve try my best.  I start bad.  That is what I don’t like, because maybe for the tension, for everything.

But of course is very nice to play a final of a Grand Slam.

Q.  You had a lot of support out there.  Were you surprised that so many people were cheering for you?

SARA ERRANI:  Yes, yes.  I was surprised but was incredible.  It was very nice for me to hear many people tried to push me up.

So was, for me, incredible.  I heard many Italian people also, so was very nice.


Q.  What are your plans now?  How do you feel you can take this confidence on to grass?

SARA ERRANI:  Now I will stop for next week, and I will play at ‘s‑Hertogenbosch and Wimbledon.  I have to just think that it’s not a normal thing for me to make final of Grand Slam.  I don’t expect to make final now in other tournament.

I play a good two weeks.  Was incredible for me.  But I just want to keep doing the same thing that I was doing.  So normal things.  Just practice, and I try to improve every day like I always do.

So I have to think that I will lose, of course, other weeks.  So I have to know it, and that’s it.

Q.  You speak a lot about Maria’s service.  Is it something you that you can improve now to go further?

SARA ERRANI:  Yes, I’m trying to improve it always.  I know it’s not my best shot, so with this player in the top, of course is a bad thing for me.

I try always.  All the day I try to improve it, but it is not easy for me.  I know it.  I just to keep work on it, but know that I will never maybe serve it like Maria or like other players in the top.

So I have to live with that, try to improve it the best that I can, but knowing that it’s not my best shot.