MIRNYI‑NESTOR/Bryan‑Bryan 6‑4, 6‑4





Q.  Today you didn’t play your best tennis.  Does this one hurt?  I know the French Open is not the easiest one to win amongst all the Grand Slams.

BOB BRYAN:  Yeah, unfortunately, you know, today wasn’t our best match, you know, of a pretty good clay court season for us.  You know, we got some good stuff going in Nice and carried that until, you know, quite a run of nine in a row.

Today just wasn’t our day.  You know, they came out aggressive and hit some good shots, you know, when I was a little bit cold and heavy at the beginning and maybe caught us a little bit off guard.

Yeah, it’s disappointing because we had been playing some really good ball.  But, you know, they hit some great serves when they needed it.  Yeah, it stings right now, but hopefully we can take some positives and, you know, learn from it and work harder.

There are a couple big ones coming up in the next month or two.

Q.  They were very respectful of you in the interview, and they said they didn’t think you played your best match either.  In a way they kind of confirmed it.

MIKE BRYAN:  I mean, that happens.  They’re a great team and they put pressure on us and they forced us to not play up to par.  You know, they put a lot of pressure with their serves.

You know, with the match like that, you know, we get one of those break points early, our energy is a little stronger probably, and we might play a little better.

That’s the way it goes.  You know, they didn’t play their best tennis when we played them in the finals of Monte‑Carlo.


Q.  You guys had I think Mirnyi serving for about four minutes in that very first time he served and he escaped.  But then you guys ‑‑ were you the victim of the two long ‑‑ one game was 10 minutes; one game was 13 minutes?

MIKE BRYAN:  There were a few long games there.  Bob served one early in the second set and we escaped.  You know, we didn’t get Max.  He had a really good second serve on a break point early in the match when it could’ve gone either way.


Q.  What does that do to you when you lose a long game like that?

MIKE BRYAN:  You want…

BOB BRYAN:  Shouldn’t do much.  You should bounce ‑‑ maybe affected our energy a little bit.  Yeah, it was a little bit draining probably.  So, yeah, that’s the kind of stuff you have to learn from.  You have to bounce back and, you know, when you get in those situations again, you’ve got to try to play that next point a little bit stronger.


Q.  What will Michaela tweet about this?

BOB BRYAN:  She might go quiet tonight, Michaela.  She’s gonna sulk a little bit, and she might get a tweet off tomorrow.  We’ll see.

She got a good pic today in the locker room with a star, so look for a nice tweet from Michaela tomorrow morning.


Q.  Are there other players doing it or…

BOB BRYAN:  She’s doing it.


Q.  Are these other players, Del Potro, did he send in something?

BOB BRYAN:  No one is sending in anything.  She’s getting pictures for these players and typing up a nice tweet and sending it out into cyberspace.


Q.  Same with Uncle John McEnroe?

BOB BRYAN:  Yeah, McEnroe, yeah, he was nice and cuddly with her for 10 minutes.


Q.  I’m not seeing the pictures.  Are they in the tweets?

BOB BRYAN:  They’re there.


Q.  What’s the address again?

BOB BRYAN:  It’s @MichaelaBryan.


Q.  Moving on, looking at what you guys have done in the majors, are you somewhat surprised that first one was here on clay?

MIKE BRYAN:  Yeah, I mean, I think for us it’s probably been the toughest one to win.  You’ve got to be really tough mentally to win this one.

I mean, you’re not gonna get the easy holds that we’re accustomed to.

Yeah, it’s been elusive for the last nine years now, and…

BOB BRYAN:  Overall, clay has been really ‑‑ it’s been really successful for us in Masters Series and Davis Cup.

We like to see teams play us on clay because we will can get in points a little more.  Singles players, we can expose singles players’ bad volleys in matches.

But, yeah, for some reason, we have been snake bitten here a few times.


Q.  That’s the next question.  Expound on how you’ve done so well on Davis Cup on terre battue?

MIKE BRYAN:  I think as he said, I think we’re a pretty goods clay court team.  I think we’ve lost three finals here?


MIKE BRYAN:  So it could easily be different.  We could be walking away with three or four Frenches right now.  We have played amazing Davis Cup away clay court ties.  I think we’ve only lost one or two sets in 10 matches.

Yeah, so a break point here or there and it could be different.  We could have a couple more French Open crowns.


Q.  Guys maybe you didn’t play your best, but did you feel flat at all when you got up this morning?

MIKE BRYAN:  No.  I think we prepared for the match exactly the same as we do every match.  I don’t think we’re extra nervous.  You know, I don’t know, just sometimes you get deflated out there.

We wanted it probably a little too bad.  When it’s not going your way early, you know, it’s tough to stay really positive, which I think our strength is our positive energy together.

We didn’t have the magic from middle of the first on.


Q.  You have been on a lot of Grand Slam finals.  Is it any easier when you get this close and you don’t come over the finish line?

MIKE BRYAN:  Yeah, I mean, I think it is easier knowing that we’re capable of getting back into another Grand Slam final.  Hopefully doing it in a few weeks, you know, or a month.

Every one stings, you know.  We’re not gonna be cheery tonight, that’s for sure.  It’s definitely gonna make us work a lot harder on the grass.  The great thing about tennis, there’s always another title to win and there’s two huge events coming up.  We’ll be hungry for those.

BOB BRYAN:  Did you get the app?  Let’s see it.


Q.  Did the prospect of winning a record 12th Grand Slam doubles title together play into your mind coming into that final?

BOB BRYAN:  I mean, obviously you think about it.  Had we won it would have been maybe a little bit sweeter than the other ones.

But like Mike said, you know, we can rest assured we’re gonna be here again, you know.  At this tournament and other slams.

So next time we get in this situation, we’re gonna do some stuff a little bit different.  But, I mean, we know how to win these tournaments.  We know how to win the big tournaments.  We have the formula, and it’s just, you know, giving us another opportunity to apply it.


Q.  I just want to get your thoughts on tomorrow, history on the line.  How do you see that breaking down?

MIKE BRYAN:  I have been watching Nadal.  He looks pretty invincible.  He looks like a super‑Nadal.  I have seen him play great on clay, but this year is even greater than I’ve seen in the past.

So if Novak could play like he did yesterday, which was pretty remarkable stuff against Federer, he only committed like 17 unforced errors.  It’s going to be another epic.

BOB BRYAN:  I think maybe if Novak ‑‑you know, Novak has beat him the last three.  Hopefully some mental some kind of voodoo plays a part.  I think it’s going to have to, because the way Nadal is striking it right now, the tennis is pretty insane.


Q.  If Nadal wins is he the greatest clay courter of all time?  If Djokovic wins is he in another echelon of players?

BOB BRYAN:  Either guy that wins here, he’s going to go in another category.  There is a lot of history here for both guys.

They’re both in pretty rarified air, but both guys have a chance to jump up that historic kind of totem pole a little higher.