4‑6, 6‑4, 6‑2





Q.  Congratulations.  Sara, you might be the first winner in both doubles and singles today.  Have you thought about it?

SARA ERRANI:  (Through translation.)  Already happen.

Q.  But the first Mary Pierce in 2001.  Nobody has done it since.

ROBERTA VINCI:  We will see tomorrow.

SARA ERRANI:  We will see tomorrow.


Q.  You have played more than two hours today.  Do you think it will be difficult for you tomorrow?

SARA ERRANI:  In any case, also if I’m relaxed it will be difficult, so I’m preparing.  I feel good.  I will try tomorrow my best, and we will see.


Q.  Sara, did your good run in doubles with Roberta help you get more confidence in singles?

SARA ERRANI:  Yes, of course.  Make me play better also, so help me very much.


Q.  Playing both singles and doubles here, where do you find the energy to play so many matches?

SARA ERRANI:  Well, I have motivation.  I like to play both.  I think playing doubles also make me better physically, so I like play both.


Q.  You had a strap on your right thigh.



Q.  Is everything fine with your leg?

SARA ERRANI:  Yes, it’s okay.


Q.  Before playing today’s doubles final, do you think a bit about tomorrow’s final?  Was it hard to just focus on doubles today?

SARA ERRANI:  No, was not hard.  I just woke up and think only about the doubles.  Tomorrow I will think about the singles.

I don’t want to think now for tomorrow, because is not good.  I prefer to relax, and tomorrow we will see.


Q.  Roberta, do you think this victory will help Sara get more confidence for tomorrow?  She’s the big underdog.

ROBERTA VINCI:  Ask her.  I think so.  I think so.

Now she’s happy, and tomorrow we will see.  But she’s in confidence; she’s strong; she has nothing to lose tomorrow.

So we will see tomorrow.