P. KVITOVA/Y. Shvedova 3‑6, 6‑2, 6‑4





Q.  The third set was very tense.  Petra took the lead and you came back and in the end Petra won the match.  What do you think made the difference?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  I was just super‑tired.  In the first set I still had the energy and I played well.  She was doing mistakes.  I took the advantage I wanted, and then I had just loss of energy.

The third set is just like I was saying to myself to fight and just try to get all the balls and then we’ll see what happened.  Because I can win; I can lose.

Q.  Was it, as you say, just because that final game was kind of out of keeping with the rest of the match?  Because it just seemed like you didn’t have anything left there in that last game of the match.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, I had zero energy left.  (Smiling.)

Just super‑tired.  It’s been a super‑long tournament, like it’s my third week in a row.

She was playing good and she was attacking, putting pressure a lot.  It was very hard for me to play.


Q.  How much does the rain in the middle of the third set affect the match?  I guess maybe it made a ball heavier and it made you guys tough to play after that rain?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, it didn’t.  Like, I didn’t feel anything.  I just dropped a little bit for one game.  It was raining.  Just people started to move a little bit, take umbrellas out.  But in general, it was no problem.

I was hoping for a bigger rain so I can go and rest, but it didn’t happen.


Q.  You said you have been here for three weeks.  Obviously through the qualifiers; got to the quarterfinals.  Do you consider it a success despite obviously losing today?  Do you think you had a good tournament, a good three weeks?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, it was very good tournament.  I’m very happy, because with the previous win against Li Na I made enough points to qualify for singles Olympics.

So like I made my goal, and that’s why I was pushing so hard.  I like I wanted it so much and it helped me to achieve it.


Q.  You have spoken about your injury problems.  When you think about those and think about now, do you feel, I’ve come a long way and I can really enjoy this moment for what it is?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah.  I’m very happy.  I don’t know.  Now I’m understanding a lot of things and I’m a different kind of player and person.  Now very calm.

Even I do mistakes in the match I’m enjoying the game and I’m like having fun.  Like even I lost today, I’m happy.  I had a great tournament.


Q.  You talk about having fun.  In the match, the Mexican wave, you know, from the crowd, you seemed to really respond off that.  That was a fantastic moment there.  You really seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, it was very cool.  Not lot a lot of times I get to have it because I’m not playing a lot in stadiums maybe until now.

Yeah, but we were together, we were smiling, and we were just waiting because people have fun.  It’s the tennis.  This is the game.


Q.  Do you think that’s important from an entertainment perspective, as well?  Because often players are focused just on the tennis.  They don’t respond really.  But that was refreshing to see that.

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Yeah, because they come to watch and to enjoy tennis.  I think it’s like I always try to communicate somehow with the people because they give energy.  Like the previous match they was cheering, and it was like a lot of times they give so much energy to you because you are like ‑‑ you’re getting inspired to play even better, to get even harder balls.

Q.  What do you think Kvitova did the best today against you?  What do you think her chances are to win the tournament?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  Now she’s gonna play Maria.  Maria is playing good.  She’s a hard opponent.

Kvitova, just depends on the day, I think.  She’s playing well.  If she’s gonna play her game and hit hard, maybe she have good chances.


Q.  After this tournament maybe your ranking is going to be very higher.  Do you think you’re going to reconsider your schedule, like focusing on more singles or like that?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  For now my schedule not gonna change a lot until after Olympics.  And even after, like I already plan in some tournaments to play with Vania doubles.

But there is not many tournaments you can choose from.  I’m going to stick with the same schedule.


Q.  Let’s talk about Petra.  What is the most impressive about her game?  And if you had the choice, what do you take from her?  I mean, what are her best weapons?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  She’s serving very well and she’s very precision with the shots.  It’s very close to the lines.  A lot of times she hit the lines.

She’s playing the good way what she’s keeps like trying her game and keep trying to attack you.  Sometimes it doesn’t ‑‑ like she make mistakes but she keep focusing on this, and I think it’s a great things.  Yeah.


Q.  Today at 4‑2 in the final, when you look back, is there something that when you look back, you say, I wish I did this?  I wish I did that?  What do you think went wrong at that point?

YAROSLAVA SHVEDOVA:  No, it was incredible for me also to get to 4‑2 in the third set.  But no, I think I tried my best.  I tried what I could.  I was running and trying to get all the balls.

Maybe I could hit a bit harder so she have more problems, but it just happen I couldn’t make it today.