P. KVITOVA/Y. Shvedova 3‑6, 6‑2, 6‑4




Q.  First semifinal here.  It wasn’t that easy today.  What was going wrong maybe in your game?  What was tough with her game?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, I expected it will be tough match and it was actually.  She start well and I was very nervous from the beginning.  The first set I did easy mistakes.

Then I knew that I had to change my game and I have to be the aggressive one and going for the points.

Yeah, I mean, the games was very close.  I’m happy that I won the big points for me.  Yeah, I couldn’t give up, so, yeah.

Q.  You have a very complete game.  You go to the volley and you make many, many different things.  We have the impression since a few years that the women tennis is less complete.  Do you think you can bring something to the women tennis with your very large tennis shots?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I don’t know, actually.  I mean, I am trying to play more variability in my game and trying to play something different.  I’m not sure if I can bring something new into women’s tennis.

I mean, I saw a lot of players who play dropshots and slice.  I mean, somebody has big kick serve.  Everybody has something special, and that’s why probably where they are.

I mean, yeah, I’m trying to improve in every part in my game.  That’s it.


Q.  There was sudden rain in the fifth game of the third set and you lost the game.  How much did that affect your game, and what kind of thoughts went through your mind in that game?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, any time I don’t thinking about the rain.  I mean, it was for both of us same conditions.  Yeah, unfortunately I lost the game, but anyway I wasn’t thinking about the suspended match or something like this.

I just like to play, and that’s it.


Q.  It’s been I think a while since you won five matches.  Probably since the Australian Open since you won five matches in a row.  Can you now say to yourself, Yes, my game is back and I’m finally playing the way I want to play?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, I hope so.  I mean, I don’t thinking about the five matches in a row.

I mean, yeah, it’s good to know that I can play and I hope that it will be not only five, but I know Maria is a tough opponent tomorrow.

Yeah, I lost in the matches in the last, so I hope that I will remember something from the matches and try what I can win against her.  She’s playing very well.  She has a great season right now, and she’s very tough opponent.

Then it will be a big change for me tomorrow.


Q.  This will be the third time in the last four Grand Slams that you’ve faced her.  It’s turning into a good rivalry.  She was saying how tough the matches have been.  So just talk a little bit about the rivalry and how you feel about it.

PETRA KVITOVA:  I think it’s always big challenge to play against somebody who is really top opponent.

Yeah, I play against Maria and it was very close matches and we had good rallies and good tennis, I hope.  Yeah, she has great year and she’s playing really very well, very, fast.  She has a big serve.

No, I hope it will be similar tomorrow.


Q.  Can you talk about just facing her mentally, because clearly at Wimbledon you had an a little bit the mental edge, but in Australia you had the very tight third set and it seemed like mentally she came through a little bit more.  Can you discuss that?

PETRA KVITOVA:  In the Wimbledon was something special for me.  It was first final.  You know, actually, I was No. 8 and she was the favorite in this match.  Yeah, I haven’t something to lose so I just play my game.  It was different, for sure.

In the beginning of the year, Australia, I didn’t practice too much on this tournament.  She played well, and unfortunately, you know, is very close matches.  So sometimes win and sometimes it’s loss.

But anyway, I mean, I hope that I remember something and it will be different on the clay.


Q.  I’d like to go back to the subject of rain.  After that rain did you feel like that ball became heavier or something?

PETRA KVITOVA:  No, really.  I wasn’t thinking about the rain, anyway.


Q.  When you play you go early for winners during the points.  Are you as impatient in real life as you are on the court?

PETRA KVITOVA:  No, I mean, it’s my game to go for the winners.  So I’m trying to play like this on the clay, too.  I mean, I did some mistakes and I would like to change things in my game.  I’m happy that I have some different plan and not only play the winners.

I mean, yeah, then I have to come back to the rallies and getting back for my winners and aggressive shots.


Q.  When you faced Angelique Kerber in the quarterfinals in Rome and you’re struggling with the abdominal injury, did you think a semifinal here was really possible?  Were you thinking that?  Because this is a wonderful achievement after the problems you’ve had.  Not just that, but also the illness earlier in the year.  Did you think this was possible, a first Roland Garros semi?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I don’t understand.  Sorry.


Q.  You have the injury troubles.



Q.  The abdominal problem.  At that time it’s troubling you a lot.  Did you honestly think it was possible with those problems to get through to this stage, get to a first semifinal?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, I mean, in Rome after like two, three days, what I had a day off it was fine and I could practice.

I mean, it wasn’t interrupted me a lot.  It maybe was good because I rest a little bit and be practicing for this Grand Slam.

When I came here I felt very well, but I didn’t thinking what I want, where I want to be in the tournament.

So I’m happy I’m in the semifinal.


Q.  I have a question from fans that found out when you won Wimbledon you didn’t celebrate.  They’re very worried to know if you win here, will you celebrate?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I will tell them if I win here.  (Smiling.)


Q.  Do you think that’s something you could fix?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I don’t know.