S. ERRANI/A. Kerber 6‑3, 7‑6




Q.  Could you just explain.  You have had a real great season.  What’s your rapid improvement down to?  Why?

SARA ERRANI:  I don’t know why exactly.  I just see other times also that.  A big change for me really was the racquet.  Was a big change that make me feel much better in the court.  Make me feel with more power and not too difference with other players on power and these things.

But also physically I worked very good this winter.  But I’ve worked also very good the other winters, so is not a change.  Is just work every day harder that I can and physically in tennis, so maybe the big thing is mix of everything.

Q.  Talk about the fight that you put on in the second set.  Looked like Kerber was starting to get back in the match and then you fought, you fought, you fought, and then you pulled it out in the end.

SARA ERRANI:  Yeah, was really tough set, because also in the beginning of the second set I was feeling a bit more tired, but just tried to keep playing like I was playing.

I had some games with opportunity with the ball of 4‑2.  I lost again another game from 3‑3.  That was really tough that I feel maybe that I have to win this game like I was playing.

But I lost, so I was try to stay there, but I know that the match was long.  I just want to keep fighting every ball, every point, and after the result was for me.


Q.  You played a stunning first set, and as you said, the second set it was a little bit more difficult, you know, a bit closer.  What gives you more satisfaction:  The amazing tennis you played in the first set or the fight, the resolve, in that second set that you showed?

SARA ERRANI:  Everything.  For me, everything.  The match, the tournament; I’m very happy for how I play.  I’m very happy the fight, of course.  I’m happy for that, but I used to make that every match.  I want to fight every match, every point.

So I’m happy more maybe for the tennis, because normally the other things I feel that I do the maximum every time.

But of course she’s a really strong player to beat her in a Grand Slam, in Roland Garros.  I don’t know.  Is good.


Q.  You don’t have a very good record against Sam Stosur.  What has troubled you in the past with her?

SARA ERRANI:  She’s amazing player, of course.  She’s very strong.  So I play against her in Rome last tournament and was tough match.  We play also another tight match.

I don’t know.  If I’m here is because I’m playing good, so I want just to think about that and think to fight and make my best.  How it goes, we will see.


Q.  How much of an inspiration is what Francesca did here?

SARA ERRANI:  Yes, of course she won here.  I remember that very good.  I don’t know.  Is inspiration, but I’m not thinking about that.  I want to play.  I think about make the good things that I usually try to do and just playing, just keep going until where I can arrive.

I don’t know.


Q.  You’re not as tall as the other players on the tour.  How do you make yourself play bigger so you can defeat people who are maybe physically bigger than you?

SARA ERRANI:  I have to make other things maybe with the head or maybe with physical.  I have to be fast; I have to be resistant and this thing.

Other things maybe, no?  The power, I try to make other things to make the power not important.


Q.  Another thing from today and also your other matches is just how tactically you look at the opponent.  Kerber is a very good opponent.  You seem to put her in difficult situations.  Is that something that you and your coach, you know, you make a really big thing of that?  A lot of women on the tour play the same way whatever the opponent.  You seem to change it.

SARA ERRANI:  Yes, for me is very important thing.  Like I don’t have too much power so I have to think more.  We like to make the tennis on that way, because the difficult for me is when a player is too strong that I cannot make what you are telling me.

But I like to make the match on that thing.  If the match going on that things, I like it.  Is where I want to arrive.