Y. SHVEDOVA/N. Li 3‑6, 6‑2, 6‑0





Q.  What went wrong in the second set?  You were confident in the first set.

NA LI:  Nothing wrong the second set.  I mean, this is tennis.

Q.  Was the weather a factor?

NA LI:  I mean, I can’t change weather.  I have to get used to.


Q.  You had a tough match in the first round against Cirstea.  Did you start having doubts in your mind after that match?  Did that affect the way you played today?

NA LI:  I mean, I really want to say I was a professional tennis player.  This, I mean, only I can answer.


Q.  How tough were the conditions today?  I know you say you were used to it and you are a tennis player, but it was pretty windy out there.  You can see the wind blowing pretty hard.

NA LI:  But, I mean, it’s the same for both player.  The weather for me is nothing special.  The weather couldn’t killing me.


Q.  After the first set you only won two games.  You say this is tennis, but that is quite unusual in tennis.  Could you tell us what happened?

NA LI:  Nothing happen.  I just try to play ball back to the court, but I can’t.


Q.  Why?

NA LI:  I will find the why.  I will find out.  But not ‑‑ not in today.  Otherwise for sure I can win the match.

On the court, I can’t find why.  I couldn’t put the ball back on the court.


Q.  Last year this was the site of your great triumph.  Tough loss today.  Can you express to us how you’re feeling, what your feelings are, please.

NA LI:  I mean, just like normal.  Tennis, only two player on the court.  Only win or is lose.  For me is nothing special.  If today I lose the match, lose.  If I win, just win.  If I lose the match, I have to find the reason why I lose the match.  I have to try working hard next day and even come working hard next week.


Q.  After you won the French Open last year, you became very popular and had many media and publicity commitments.  Do you think it might have been a factor in today’s loss?  Maybe you were not as well prepared as last year?

NA LI:  I mean, you say I win last year.  I mean, is already last year.  So one year already.

Is one year already.  How can against for today, I mean, I don’t know why.  I just lose one match.  So don’t try to push me down.


Q.  A lot of winners in Paris have difficulty winning again.  Why do you think that is?

NA LI:  I don’t know how’s another player.  Yeah, for me, is tough for me to win again.


Q.  Will you go back home to China now or take maybe a week off and stop and prepare for the grass?

NA LI:  I mean, of course I have to take off.  Right now I feeling ‑‑ especially after losing match, I mean, I can’t pick up the racquet next day to training harder as I can.

So of course I will take some days off to totally forget tennis.  Then try to come back in next week.


Q.  You’re staying in Europe?

NA LI:  I don’t know yet, because right now, the next tournament for me is Wimbledon.


Q.  What are your hopes in terms of how you do at Wimbledon?

NA LI:  Wish better than last year.  I mean, this is only I can think right now, because of course I was sad when I lose the match.  I mean, of course after losing match, I couldn’t think about what I should do in the next day.

For me, right now, I want totally relax, and the mind and body, as well, because I think I didn’t play bad in the clay court season.

I need some time to recover.  I’m not machine.  So, yeah.


Q.  One question:  You played Birmingham in the past.  You said Wimbledon is your next tournament.  Wimbledon is definitely your next event?

NA LI:  Yeah, because the beginning of clay court season start, the plan for me is after French I play straightaway for the Wimbledon.

But, yeah, I don’t know yet.  Maybe I ask for wildcard, maybe not.  Because right now I’m not deciding if I staying here to play Birmingham or I go back to China to recover.