N. ALMAGRO/J. Tipsarevic 6‑4, 6‑4, 6‑4





Q.  Your reaction to the match.

JANKO TIPSAREVIC:  He was a better player than me today.  It’s very simple.  I think it was clear.  Sure, the weather conditions were not in my favor.  It was cold; it was like 15, 14, 16 degrees.  I couldn’t really use my serve as well as I was using it in the previous rounds.  It was drizzling, which never helps a guy like me who’s wearing glasses on court.

But all that on the side, that’s maybe 5%.  He was a better player than me today.

The only thing I regret is that I didn’t use the small amount of chances that I had and I didn’t really put him under pressure and make him play his best tennis when he was in sort of the trouble or whatever.  Apart from three serves in the first set when I gave him the break back, he was leading most of the time in the match.

So he really wasn’t at any point under pressure.  I mean, sure, when you’re leading all the time it’s easier to produce the tennis that he was making today.


Q.  You hate to lose; that’s for sure.  But are you happy the way this French Open has been for you?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC:  Yeah, I’m disappointed that I lost.  I think make Nico is the toughest seed that I could have gotten in the fourth round according to how well is he playing lately.

But I was really wanting to play quarters here, you know, when I came.  I am disappointed that I lost.  I cannot say that I’m really happy.  It’s not like (in Serbian) that I lost in the fourth round against a guy who was better than me today.

In general I think it could have been better, but I’m happy the way I played my previous three matches.  I cannot say I played bad today, but it could have been better.


Q.  Just one scheduling question.  Couple of matches finished late yesterday.  One was not even the last match on Chatrier.  Do you think that they need to start the matches earlier or use more courts with the way tennis is played today and the length of the points, maybe some of the length between points?

JANKO TIPSAREVIC:  I think the only change which I possibly see on this event is having lights on showcourt.  But I think 11:00 is also pretty early.  I had to wake up today at 7:00 a.m. in order to have breakfast and everything and get ready for the match.  So definitely not earlier.

I don’t think they should shorten ‑‑ referees are trying to be strict, but I mean, it’s long rallies.  It’s clay court.  The ball is not going anywhere.  It’s best‑of‑five, so it’s not really fair that the referees are speeding up the game too much.

If there is a possible change, maybe putting lights on showcourt.  Other than that, nothing else.