D. CIBULKOVA/V. Azarenka 6‑2, 7-6




Q.  What went wrong today for you?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Pretty much everything, really.  I don’t know how to describe my performance really today.  It wasn’t satisfying at all.  It wasn’t satisfying being out there playing that way.

But I guess it happens, you know.  I don’t know even what to find positive really in my performance today.  But, well, it’s been too little time.  Maybe in a few hours I’ll find something that I can be happy with.

Q.  You felt good this morning when you wake up?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Yeah.  No excuses.  It’s just bad performance.


Q.  Were you at all affected by the weather conditions?  Because you seemed to have tried to find good angles throughout the match.  Very often it would land just on the wrong side of the line.

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  No, I wasn’t bothered by that.  It wasn’t helping, that’s for sure, but for both is the same conditions.  Conditions were not a problem.


Q.  What will you do in terms of recovering from such a loss?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  I’m gonna kill myself.  What am I going to do recovering?  I’m just gonna go on the practice court and practice again.

This tournament is over for me.  What’s to recover from?  It’s to really look forward and improve.  That’s it.


Q.  Is she a player whose style you find tricky?  Because you have had these two long matches before this against her.

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  No, she’s definitely a good player.  I think she plays much better against the top players than maybe a little bit lower ranked players.  She really has that desire.  I don’t know what motivates her to play that way.

Yeah, she’s a dangerous opponent.  She had big wins before, and it was no surprise that she was going to be playing well today.


Q.  Obviously in other matches, you know, she had you down, you came back and won, similar situation here.  So did you start to feel like, okay, maybe I’m going to get in this match; I have been in this position before; she’s going to get tight and maybe I can get my way out of it?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Well, yeah, I was trying, but, you know, before I was at least making something happening myself.  Today I couldn’t do it.

I don’t know.  It was just not going for me.  I tried everything.  It was just not going.

You know, the ‑‑ all I could hope is just for her mistake.  I couldn’t make anything myself today.


Q.  You did seem to be playing better at the beginning of the second set.  Why do you think you weren’t able to keep that going?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Honestly, I don’t know.  If I would have an answer, I would probably be keep doing it.  But right now I’m just really, really unhappy with the way I played.  And I’m gonna look for what I do wrong, you know, so make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Q.  You had such a great start to the beginning of the year.  Is this a bit of an adjustment now to lose a few matches at tournaments?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  I don’t know.  I mean, the beginning of the year couldn’t have been possibly better for me.  It happened, you know.  Today I lost a match.  I’m not trying to look back, you know, what happened in January right now, what happened in February.

I need to learn from what I did today because there is still a lot more tournaments to play, and I have to be ready.


Q.  But is the feeling a little bit different that you have now from the beginning of the year?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Well, I didn’t lose in beginning of the year, so yeah.  There is a different feeling.


Q.  You say that you don’t play as good as you did at the beginning of the season.  Is it the surface maybe or pressure?  Are you tired?  Do you have any explanation?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Sorry, are you saying I’m not playing as good as I did?


Q.  No, it’s a question.

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Oh, it’s a question if I’m not playing.  Well, definitely I didn’t play today as well as I played at the beginning of the year, but is different circumstances.  Is different surface.  Everything is different.

So you cannot look into, you know, how I felt.  Yeah, I felt better before, but, you know, I still can have the same feeling, I just need to, you know, put myself together, definitely rest a little bit.  There has been a lot, a lot of tennis for me in the last couple like five months.  I need to rest a little bit, as well.


Q.  Do you think that your No. 1 status had something to do with your defeat?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  What does it have to say?


Q.  I don’t know.  Because we think in the past many No. 1s have failed in Grand Slam events.  That’s why I’m asking.

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Oh, well, I don’t know, really.  I don’t have an answer to your question.


Q.  I know it’s still pretty raw, but are you going to go back and rest at home a little bit, or are you going to get on the grass as soon as you possibly can?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Well, for sure I’m going to go back home.  I haven’t been home in a while, and it’s something that I for sure need just to get rested mentally, definitely, and, you know, just to get out of the tennis field a little bit.

And once I have my passion and desire back on the court, I’ll be on the grass.


Q.  Is that Minsk home or Monte‑Carlo home, and where are you playing on the grass?

VICTORIA AZARENKA:  Minsk home.  I’m not going to be playing anywhere before Wimbledon.


Q.  Will you continue to work with Amélie?  Was she a clay court addition, or is she going to keep working with you through the grass court season?