S. ERRANI/S. Kuznetsova 6‑0, 7‑5





Q.  Some good wins here; tough day today.  How would you describe your run here in Paris this year?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  I mean, as I said from the start, I didn’t expect a lot.  But then I didn’t expect a lot from the tournament, but then when I started to play better and better, of course I know my possibility.  I knew of my chances.

As I said, I didn’t use them.  Yeah, again today was really tough day.  I didn’t play a good game, far away from it.

Really disappointing.  Again, it was no expectation.  I did fourth round.  It’s all right for me for the moment.  I just have to go back and just to work on my game.

It’s already starting ‑‑ it’s like the drawing is already getting better, but still lots of works to do still.

Q.  What aspects of your game are you concentrating on?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Well, on defense and passing to attack, playing more spin, forehand.  Change few things with the serve, which I’m really happy about it.

But still have to adjust some things.  You cannot just start to work with coach one week before French Open.  You cannot change really big things.  We are not looking to change big things, but still have to add little by little some changes.  And I didn’t have any time for that.  And I’ll have to adjust to the schedule, so I’ll see what it’s going to be.


Q.  Love your hairdo.  How would you describe it?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  It’s my hair?  I don’t know.  My friend does this for me.  My coach was really pissed after second match because my ‑‑ these things were falling off the way I made it and I was taking it all the time and pulling it back.  So he was really mad at me.

He said, If you don’t do something good for next match, I will give you the kitty ‑‑ whatever is the baby’s ‑‑ of his daughter’s he’ll put on my head and I will play with Hello Kitty things.

I had to make up something interesting.


Q.  So you made it up yourself?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Well, my friend offer me to do that.  I said, Okay, let’s try.  I always love the cornrows or whatever.  It’s good.


Q.  After the really slow start, looked like you got your footing and then it all kind of dissolved.  Did you ever feel comfortable out there?  What happened at the end?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Yeah, I mean, first set was just horrible.  Today the weather was so bad.  I felt cold like during whole match.  For me to move was really complicated.  I could not make my feet just go and moving.  I couldn’t get myself on the roll.

Then in the second set I started to play better, the right points at the right time.  But at 5‑3 I just didn’t play the right thing.  Maybe I rushed too much.

Sara, for her game, it’s the best I’ve seen her play.  Her ball is very good on clay.  I’m far away from my best form yet.


Q.  How will be the next steps with Hernan Gumy as coach?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  We still have to discuss it, but probably I’ll go home now.  I’ll see what I do.  Maybe I come back to Spain to train, because Hernan has his family and I have still home there.  So maybe practice there and then we decide what tournaments I will play.


Q.  This wasn’t the last tournament with him?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  No, no, it was the first.  I hope it’s not the last.  I know it’s the first, so yeah.