P. KVITOVA/N. Bratchikova 6‑2, 4‑6, 6‑1






Q.  You started very well, very comfortable out there.  Then second set she played better, but it seems like you maybe lost your timing or something.

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, yeah.  I start to play well, have a set already, and then I was very aggressive and I knew what I had to play.

In the second set I was still like, okay, if I will play like first set, it will be fine.  But it wasn’t.  She played much better than first set.  She had a better serve, and it was tough to return.  She had pressure from the first shot that she played.

So I was still the second one who was running side to side.  And it’s not my game.  So, then, yeah, I had to change and be aggressive and put her a little bit back.

I have to say that she played very well.

Q.  In the third set, what made the difference?  What were you talking to yourself during the third set?

PETRA KVITOVA:  You know, I think that every game what we played was really close.  First game I had a ‑‑ she had two break points, so tough to return the game.

But, I mean, it was really close and every point was really important.

I tried to play my game again in the third set.


Q.  What are the most important things that you have to do at the tournament to accomplish what you want to?  To get to the goals you want to at the tournament, what do you have to do on court from here on out that you think will give you success?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, I think that, you know, it’s not only here.  I mean, like all season we have some practice, and we have to like practice for 100% and then we can wait for some result.

But I think that, you know, if you are on the tournament, I don’t think that you can improve something big.  So I think that it’s like every practice what we are playing we have to be focused and try to improve what we have to do.

Then we can make some good result in tournaments.


Q.  You had a difficult year after Australia.  Coming in here, what are you thinking ‑‑ what exactly do I have to do at Roland Garros to play my best?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I’m not thinking what I’m expectation here, but, you know, it’s ‑‑ I had already a tough season.  After Australia I was really injured and I couldn’t play.

So I’m happy that I can play right now and I can be healthy and play my tennis again, what is the important thing for me.

And then, you know, every match here is very tough.  Now I’m really happy that I’m through, of course.  Looking forward for the next match, but it’s ‑‑ that is where I want to…


Q.  Was it difficult at times for you to keep positive?  And, if so, how did you manage to keep yourself positive?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, I think I am positive person.  So I am trying to thinking like this.  But of course in the tennis life it is still not easy to be positive.

It’s a lot of injuries.  It’s not still easy starting from the beginning.  So, I mean, I had already similar season before, so 2011 was same.  I didn’t have a big result in America and in Indian Wells and Miami.  So I was fine and still trying to improve and play my game.


Q.  Do you think that ‑‑ both you and Tomas Berdych hit the ball very big.  Do you think there are similar things in your games?  And when you watch him play, do you see anything about the way you play?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, I think, yeah, we are playing really similar.  I will be happy if I have a same serve as him (smiling), so I have to ask him.

No, I mean, yeah, we are playing aggressive and flat shots and trying to push the other back.


Q.  Have you ever talked to him about the way he plays?

PETRA KVITOVA:  No, never.


Q.  So do you really enjoy watching him and can you learn things by watching him play?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, sometimes I like to watch the men’s games, and sometimes I learn a lot from the tactics, for sure.  You know, it’s nice to watch it.


Q.  Do you think that the conditions of the courts here this year are fast enough for you to develop your offensive game, or is it a little bit slow?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, I was thinking after the match what I think about the courts, and I have to say that I didn’t find any difference.


Q.  This year at the beginning of the year, you didn’t go to defend your title in Brisbane.  You played Hopman Cup for the Czech Republic.  Do you really care being No. 1 or it will come with results, or you don’t want that pressure?  Because the people said, Oh, she should defend her points.

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, I know that at the beginning of the season all people was talking about the No. 1, but, you know, it was very close, but still big steps.  I don’t care right now.  I’m here, and I’m playing next match.  So I focus on only this tournament.

With the good result and with ‑‑ if I will be really healthy like all season, maybe in the future I can be No. 1.  But I’m nothing like this right now.


Q.  You’ve obviously had great results on grass and on hard courts and indoor.  When you’re moving on clay, is it difficult to hit the shots the way you want to hit them?

PETRA KVITOVA:  No, like two years ago it was very difficult for me to move in on the clay.  But I have to say that I improved a lot with my fitness and I can slide.

But sometimes it’s hard for me ‑‑ but I think that if I ‑‑ when I improved a lot, I am still more comfortable on the court and I’m trying to still play my aggressive game.

Yeah, I know that sometimes if I don’t have really good step before the shot, it’s going far away from the court, but anyway, I try.  (Smiling.)