N. Li/C. McHale 3‑6, 6‑2, 6‑1





Q.  Today you were playing a very young opponent in Christina.  She won the first set.  Were you impressed by the level of her game?

NA LI:  I mean, tennis is the best of three sets.  So even if I lose the first set I still have a chance.

But I would like to say, yeah, first set I think I always follow what she do.  So, I mean, feeling like she’s the champion on the court.  So I just follow.

But I was happy I will change a little bit beginning of the second set to play my way, yeah.


Q.  Still talking about Christina, what do you think is the most impressive about her game, and what do you think about her future?

NA LI:  I mean, she’s a very dangerous player.  I mean, I was happy I can win match today, because I have more experience.  Yeah.


Q.  In the first two sets, you make a lot of errors, unforced errors.  Why?  What was wrong?

NA LI:  Like what I answer the first question, because I just follow what she do.

So I didn’t play my tennis on the court, beginning of the first set.