K. KANEPI/C. Wozniacki


6‑1, 6‑7, 6‑3






Q.  What was the tactic leading up to the match?

KAIA KANEPI:  To play longer points, not to take risk on first two shots and try to spin to her forehand.

Q.  Was there a certain point of the match where you felt you were in control, and then maybe lost it again?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, I felt that’s a bit in the second set, but, yeah, I lost it.  And then in the third set I didn’t think that at all I have it under control, because I knew what was in the second set.  I just try to hang in there.


Q.  In the second set, at 1‑1, Wozniacki had a big argument with the umpire over the break point that you won.  Do you think it was fair for you that Caroline argued that long with the umpire?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, I think that those things happen in tennis matches, so it’s okay if she wants to argue.

I have to be ready for that and take it easy (smiling).


Q.  You had some trouble to close out the match in the second and third sets.  What happened?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, in the second I got tight, and at some point I totally lost the feeling for the ball.

But I’m happy that I found it again in the second, and, yeah, it was ‑‑ this match, it was tough to close.  It doesn’t happen always, but sometimes happens for me.


Q.  At the end of the match, you drew a heart with your racquet in the clay.  What was that for?  What did that mean?

KAIA KANEPI:  Well, it was just ‑‑ I love being there, and I enjoying being on that court and to play in French Open.


Q.  You have a very powerful game.  Why was it important for you to go for the long rallies and not go for quicker…

KAIA KANEPI:  Because Caroline is that kind of opponent, I think, that, well, if I’m on, I can hit winners, but she will get a lot of balls back.  If I start making mistakes, then I can go on the wrong side very quickly.

So I just have to be patient, and, of course, because we play on clay, I’m just not going for my shots all the time.


Q.  Is that what went wrong in the second set?

KAIA KANEPI:  No.  Actually, no, I still try to be patient if I could.