A. RUS/J. Goerges 7‑6, 2‑6, 6‑2




Q.  Congratulations.  So your opponent was complaining about the darkness, but how dark it was?  Was it tough for you to hit the ball it’s too dark?

ARANXTA RUS:  I think for me it was okay, but, yeah, at the end it went darker and darker.

For me it was okay to play, so…


Q.  Last year you beat Kim Clijsters in this tournament, and now you made the fourth round.  Why do you think you can play that good in this tournament?

ARANXTA RUS:  Yeah, I think I can play good on clay.  My game, yeah, for clay I think it’s the best.

Yeah, I’m happy that I won today and that I’m in the fourth round.