S. KUZNETSOVA/A. Radwanska 6‑1, 6‑2






Q.  Agnieszka said you played unbelievable, and she can’t do anything against you today.  Have you the feeling that maybe you played the best match of your season even?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Maybe, yes.  At least I was in control of my things, and I have not played so well in long time.

So I’m really happy about it.


Q.  Watching you play like that makes me happy.  Does it make you happy out there on court, or is it, you know, afterwards that you feel that?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Yeah, definitely it is ‑‑you know, when I’m satisfied with my game on the court and I feel happy, when I feel in control of my moves, you know.  I don’t depend so much on opponent.  I know that if I do this kind of game, it makes me in control.

So it’s really brings me best feelings, you know.  That’s why I really enjoy tennis, and that’s why I love tennis.  And I have not had this feeling for quite a time.


Q.  Why do you think it showed up today?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Well, because I start to do things right way off the court.  I mean “off the court” means in practice, you know, not like something my life.

I practice the right things, and I’m very confident with my game.  I’m kind of a little bit back to my game which brought me my victories, what I had.


Q.  Do you think it’s also that you get a bit of fortune as well because if you look at the last year or so you have had a lot of matches and tournaments where it could have gone right for you.  You lost a lot of close ones.  Do you feel that also fortune is kind of helping you now, as well, that maybe luck could be on your side as well and that’s important?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Well, you know, I don’t like to look back on the things.  I believe the things, they happen for reasons.

Maybe if you say like this I look back, yeah, maybe I had some matches close which I could do better.  But, you know, we could think of so many other things which could have been better or worse.

But I believe everything is my hands, in my hands.  So now I start to do the right things on the court, to work about my right game which I was winning with, and that’s why I’m playing good.


Q.  Can you go into a bit more detail on that?  What are you doing now that you weren’t last season, for example?  You’re saying you’re doing different things on the court?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Well, I try to play more forehands, I try to dictate, I play more speed.  This is the game I was playing when I won US Open and I won the French Open, when I won Miami.  And start to be very ordinate on the court in my game.  Not to play some ‑‑ the tennis that other girls play and other girls like.  I have some advantages which I have not been using.

Coming back, for example, to Moscow to train, it was right thing for me, to my soul, to my feelings inside, but changing my tennis from Spanish ways to another way, that was wrong for me, my opinion.  I had great coaches, everybody I appreciate a lot, and they brought a lot to me, but I need something else.  I need a little bit back, my spin game.


Q.  You played 12 times before with Agnieszka Radwanska, and you never win so easily.  You think the reason is your game, that your game is so good or maybe that Agnieszka was playing a little bit maybe below her normal game?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  I think Agnieszka is a great player.  She reads the game unbelievable.

When you look at her when she plays, she doesn’t have some great shots, like overpower or something.  She moves well, she reads the game unbelievable, and she plays on the counterattack very well.  This is what makes her so good, and it’s unbelievable how she plays.

Playing her has always been very difficult, and I know I have to dictate and never let it go.  I let it go a little bit in the second set and already was very equal the game.  So for me it was very important to dictate, and I think I have done it well and took ‑‑ I fight for every ball against her.  Otherwise it’s very difficult.


Q.  I have a question from fans.  What did you do with the outfit you wore and the racquet you used when you won here in 2009?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  I don’t remember (smiling).

I don’t really remember.  I gave some racquets for my friends.  Outfit?  I think I have something at home maybe.  Yes.


Q.  You kept something with you?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  I think so.  You know, sometimes when you’re young, you don’t appreciate things when you win.  You don’t realize how big is this.  When you grow older and you see how difficult it is to get it again and again, then you start to appreciate.

I don’t really remember.


Q.  If you win again this year, are you going to keep your outfit and your racquet this time?



Q.  You have talked a lot about practicing hard and doing the right things.  Can you talk a little bit about inspiration?  Like sometimes it seems like you really feel inspired out there.  Are you struck by inspiration?

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  Sometimes it does, definitely.  When I come, for example, Roland Garros inspires me or tournaments like this, Grand Slams, it’s great atmosphere.  And definitely to play again and on Philippe Chatrier, it’s amazing feeling.  It’s great court, you know.  This tournament inspires me.

Does that make sense?  Yeah, okay.


Q.  It’s very interesting you say that, because I talked to you last year.  It was after Indian Wells and you said, I have been on the tour so long, I have done this so long, it’s difficult to find ‑‑ I need to find motivation.  But here maybe it’s not the problem.  You know, you come back here, there’s no problem in motivation.

SVETLANA KUZNETSOVA:  It’s no problem for me here, exactly.  I mean, some tournaments, small tournaments, very hard.  You go there and, like, whatever, I win, I lose, I win one more tournament, would it make huge difference, you know?  It’s nothing besides like which turns the world around.  It’s not going to be that.  And a little bit hard sometimes to play week then after week, next week.  You get tired.  But big events, it’s different thing.