S. WAWRINKA/G. Simon 7‑5, 6‑7, 6‑7, 6‑3, 6‑2


Q.  You won that match mentally or physically or both?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Well, with three things.  With the games, too.  Of course it was tough.  We knew it was going to be a difficult match, both of us, before entering the court.  We have two good games that can last for long matches.  In fact, it was a very good Grand Slam match, going five sets, some moments where you play better than others.

It was difficult to keep your level at your highest for the whole match, but we played well for four hours, and I was a bit lucky, I believe, because in the fourth set he had a letdown.  He hesitated.  He was tentative, and I thought he was starting to be a bit tired, so I took advantage of this to impose my own game.

Q.  How do you feel now?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  After a victory, you always feel good, but of course it will leave some traces.  We were both very tired coming out of the match.  I was pretty tired just after the match, but now we’ll see after treatment and everything how my body will react tomorrow, if I recuperate well.  It will be perfect for Sunday.

Q.  Well, talking about Sunday, you’ll have to play Tsonga, so back to play him again.  How do you see that match in the round of 16 in a Grand Slam?  Today Tsonga didn’t stay a long time on the court.  He played a good match.

STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  We had a tough match already last year.  It was in five sets, and it was a huge match.  Jo is a great player, and when he plays at home, he always plays even better and he’s even more motivated.

But I know I have the weapons to beat him.  If I play a very good match, I’m able to beat him.  Now the main thing for me is to see how I can recuperate and how I can be ready for Sunday.

Q.  So what treatment are you going to have to recuperate?  You know your body well.  Are you optimistic about being able to rest enough for Sunday?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Well, I’m always optimistic.  I know myself.  I know how I work.  I know now I feel good, because I just won.  It’s normal, and I’m relaxed.  But I know that tomorrow will be different.

The important thing is to eat well, to sleep well tonight, have massage, and cold baths.

I had one before coming here.  We’ll see tomorrow.  I’m not sure I’m gonna hit tomorrow.  I might decide to do fitness.  I didn’t decide yet.  And another massage.  And that’s it.

I’m not really worried, but I know that kind of match takes something out of you.  Before coming here I had some little problems with my adductor muscle, so it is essential to recuperate well.

I’m not going to worry about it.  I’m happy I won today.  I was able to turn it around and to beat Gilles, because Gilles is an extremely good player.  He’s difficult to beat.  He was very confident lately.

Q.  Do you believe that the match last year against Tsonga gives you a psychological advantage?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  No, not really.  We get along very well on and out of the courts.

We know each other extremely well, by heart, I would say.  So it will be the one who will be more aggressive first, and who will be able to keep into the court.

I think he’s playing well, but I’m playing better and better.  I’m fit.  I feel good.  Maybe the conditions will be different.

Today the court was very slow.  As soon as it rains a little, the balls in the courts are very slow, and it’s very difficult to do something with it.  So we’ll see how it’s going to be Sunday.

Q.  Did you immediately think about Tsonga after that match?  Did you have feedback from him?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  No, not yet.  He’s gonna smile tomorrow when we’re gonna meet.  Well, we get along well together.  I think he was very happy for me that I won and he was joking, I think.

We are always friends out of the courts and we’ll see who wins.

Q.  Is it good to win after such a tough match?

STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Yes, especially against a player like him and being able to outrun him, because Gilles is well known for his extremely good fitness, and he’s able to stay longer than any other player on the court.

I’m pretty please pleased I was the one who stayed longer than he did this time, and it will help me also improve my ranking.