R. FEDERER/N. Mahut 6‑3, 4‑6, 6‑2, 7‑5

Q.  Don’t you think you started believing in it a bit late?

NICOLAS MAHUT:  Well, anyway, I prepared that match to win it, but I think at the start he played at a very high level and it was a bit difficult for me.  With my game, that’s the way it usually is.  It takes time before I get my rhythm, before my game gets settled.  And when the opponent gets a bit tired, he makes small errors.  Then I’m able to come back.

I was believing in it.  I was maybe a bit nervous going into that center court, but this went well.  But I’m disappointed, because you always want to do better.  Disappointed I didn’t win that fourth set.

I had a little opportunity to do that.

Q.  How did you find his game?

NICOLAS MAHUT:  I believe today he played average, but I believe it is maybe because of my game that he wasn’t able to play better.  I believe my game is a game that he’s not used to on this type of surface.

Usually he plays opponents playing from the baseline, hitting hard.  But I deprived him from that.  And after a while, he couldn’t find his rhythm and he made unusual errors, and I was able to force him to play bad in a way.

Q.  So you wanted it to be a celebration, that match?  It was in the end?

NICOLAS MAHUT:  Yes, it was a great moment for me to share.  It was a full match.  At least I know now I experienced this in the French Open.

Now I played on center court.  And the match was a match.  I have no regrets.  I tried everything I could.  And I said that if I wanted to win, I had to play the best match of my whole career and that he had to play an average match.

Well, he played an average match, and I didn’t play bad.  I believe I made good choices.  Of course I didn’t succeed in everything I was trying to do, but I was able to keep what I wanted to do.

I could have won that fourth set, but you can’t be too greedy.

Q.  Isn’t that the best preparation for Wimbledon?

NICOLAS MAHUT:  Yes, winning matches is the best preparation you can have.  I believe this tournament will give me a lot of confidence.  I think there were many positive things.

The only bad thing was the antidoping test.  They came, so next time I won’t be able to stay as long with you.  So you’re allowed to have three of them, so this is the first one.  I suppose they don’t watch TV.

Q.  Can you appeal?

NICOLAS MAHUT:  I believe I can.  But between 8:00 and 9:00 I was easy to find.  They knew where I was.  Well, they know at the end of this tournament we have a test, anyways, so I think it’s a bit tough that they want me to do that test now.