J. TSONGA/F. Fognini 7‑5, 6‑4, 6‑4






Q.  In this match, the most difficult thing for you was probably to remain focused, because your opponent could easily make fun and laugh.

JO‑WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yes, Fabio always does that, and when I walked on the court this was one of my objectives.  I didn’t want to fall in the trap, because then it can become very complicated.


Q.  This is why you didn’t show too much of your emotions?  You were very much focused?

JO‑WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yes, and it’s also true that it’s also part of my objectives when I practice to remain calm.


Q.  Next round you’re gonna play either Gilles Simon or Wawrinka.  Do you have any favorite?

JO‑WILFRIED TSONGA:  No, I don’t mind.  What I would prefer would be to win the match, whether I play one or the other.  There’s no favorite opponent for me.  I just want to play the match.


Q.  You didn’t lose any sets so far, so does it mean that you’re improving with every match?

JO‑WILFRIED TSONGA:  Well, you probably didn’t follow all my matches, but I’m improving.  I’ve played three days in a row, so it’s going to be good for me to have a day off tomorrow.

As I said yesterday, I’ve always been like that.  I always improve as matches go by, so I hope it’s going to be the case again the day after tomorrow.


Q.  What kind of adjustments do you still need to make?

JO‑WILFRIED TSONGA:  On the attack, I can be better.  I still miss quite a few balls when I’m in the court, but if I manage and make those adjustments, correct those little mistakes which make me lose a couple of serve games, then it could be fine.


Q.  On the court you were telling about the support of the crowd.  If you’re playing Gilles, are you willing to share the support from the crowd?

JO‑WILFRIED TSONGA:  Yes, of course I am.  I have had the experience of that.  It’s not the first time it’s going to happen.