S. ERRANI/A. Ivanovic




Q.  You got off to a great start today.  What happened after that?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, I was really pleased the way I started.  I was really aggressive and I create a lot of opportunities for myself.

Then I felt in the second and third set she started raising her level a lot and putting a lot more on the ball.

Also on her serve and my serve I felt I had a great rhythm on it, but I just wasn’t making enough.  I mean, my serve percentage was so poor.  I think that was something that determined little bit the tone for the last two sets.

Also, I was making some unforced errors when I was too flatfooted.


Q.  Do you still think you have difficulty with your ball toss?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Obviously sometimes, but I don’t think it was an issue today.  I really felt like I had a good rhythm on it, and some double faults really came out of nowhere.  Maybe I wasn’t using my legs enough.

But it’s really disappointing, because I felt like I had a game and I was playing really well.  Yeah, serve really let me down.  Today in the warmup I served the best I served probably ever.


Q.  Obviously disappointing result.  Is it more disappointing because in the rallies you seemed to be in control of the point, and then it was just a little error?  What was happening somehow?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Yeah, I felt in the second set I actually drop intensity a little bit and I made some errors that really, you know, poor and I didn’t deserve to win those points.

And then I still managed to come back.  But I played really lose game on 4‑All, and that kind of cost me a little bit that second set.

In the third set I was creating a lot of opportunities and missing a lot of easy, easy finishing balls.  That’s something that I’m not really happy about.


Q.  So does that make it even worse when you are in control, that it’s not the opponent who is playing brilliantly, but you feel you’re letting yourself down?  You’ve lost yourself rather than somebody beating you?

ANA IVANOVIC:  Well, in a way I feel a little bit disappointed that I did beat myself in that third set.  But, still, she played good and didn’t miss a lot.

At least I was going for my shots and I was aggressive and I was doing things I should be doing.  You know, it’s my game, and I have to be persistent with it.