A. RUS/V. Razzano 6‑3, 7‑6





Q.  I suppose that you may be very disappointed.  What did you miss today to be able to go through to the next round?

VIRGINIE RAZZANO:  What I missed is, well, something physical, not enough physical freshness.  I suffered physically against Serena, and therefore I couldn’t find enough resources today to stand out against a Rus who won an easy match during the first round.

I think her opponent had walked away, and therefore physically she I think suffered less than I did.  Had I been fresher physically, then my balls would have been more aggressive.  I would have hurt her more, bothered her more, because I think I have the type of game to defeat her today.

That’s it.  I’m only human.  That’s the way it is.


Q.  What next?  You’re disappointed.  That means you’re not going to take part in the Olympic Games, which is what you wanted.  So that’s over, I suppose, now.



Q.  What next then?

VIRGINIE RAZZANO:  I was not thinking about the Olympic Games, that’s true, given what’s happened in the past weeks.  You know, I was ill to start with, and then I got an injury two months ago at Indian Wells in the hip.  Therefore, many negative things.

You have to be consistent and win many matches to go to the Olympic Games.  Since the beginning of the year my draws were not always good.  I’ve had health problems, which is not good if you want to take part in the Olympic Games.

I’m disappointed.  I want to go to the Olympics.  The most important thing today is that I feel I’m fit; I have a good game.  I played against Serena, and this match was excellent.  She’s a tough opponent, as we say.  Not everybody can defeat Serena, even less in a Grand Slam because they’re all eager to win.


Q.  Is this when you regret you didn’t play enough matches to be ready for the second round?  You would have felt more confidence?

VIRGINIE RAZZANO:  Yeah, that’s true.  If you look at the matches I played, I didn’t play enough matches.  Three only before playing against Serena.  Doesn’t mean I haven’t got enough confidence and my game isn’t good enough, that physically I’m not prepared enough.  I practiced a lot to be ready here for Roland Garros.

This being said, you know, defeating Serena after three hours during which I used a lot of cartridges, I gave everything I had.  Almost.

Today I still had some cartridges against Rus, but not enough to turn around the match in the second set.


Q.  What about the two nights you had after defeating Serena?  Did you sleep well or not?  Were you nervous or not?  How did you feel?

VIRGINIE RAZZANO:  Well, you know, I was excited.  I only slept five hours because we were late.  I finished my match at 9:00 p.m., and then there’s press, dinner.

I was not in bed before 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, and took me a long while before I could go to sleep.  That was 4:00 in the morning and then up at 8:00 a.m. more or less.

So recovery, you know, I think it had an impact on me.  I finished late and I lost a lot of my physical condition against Serena, even though yesterday evening I had a better night’s sleep because I had a longer night yesterday evening.

But this was not sufficient to recover enough for a second round like today’s round.


Q.  What are the images that you’ll take away?  I mean, your match against Serena, is there anything you will think about, take away, a idea, before, during, or after?

VIRGINIE RAZZANO:  You know, I’ve just finished my match today.  I’m disappointed.  I don’t mind talking about Serena because this is what I’ll have to remember, this splendid Roland Garros I played against her.

To me, this was splendid, superb when I defeated her.  It was really tough.  I behaved like a champion.  So I think I am a champion given the fact that I’m a fighter on the court.

Being a champion doesn’t necessarily mean to be in the top 10.  I consider myself as a champion, because with all of these years, you see.

Look at this.  Look at what I’ve done on the tour.  Like at the number of top 10 players I’ve defeated:  Zvonareva, Dementieva, Safina No. 1 at the time, et cetera.

So if you look at this, I think that, yes, my ranking today doesn’t really mirror my level and the player I am today.

I’ve had ups and downs in my life personally and professionally.  It’s not always been that easy for me.  You know, I was not always lucky compared to other players if you look at the draw.

It’s not just this that counts, not just rankings.  Also, only rankings ‑‑ the match is ‑‑ yeah, yeah, okay.

You know, a champion is not just someone who’s really well ranked.  It’s how you behave on the court.  It’s to be able to defeat top 10 players, to win a title.  This is it.  It’s more general, more comprehensive.


Q.  (In English)  After an epic win like Serena, the game after is the most difficult one.  Was that also the case for you?

VIRGINIE RAZZANO:  (Translated from French; answered in English.)  I beat Serena Williams and I was a lot enjoy.  I stay with good concentration after her because I would like to continue very far on this tournament.  You know, because I would like to focus and to play maximum for my second round today and stay with concentration, you know.

Today it was just because I was more tired because it was a long match and difficult match against Serena.  I didn’t have enough recover from in two days or one day, because I didn’t sleep a lot.

I finish late, and it’s not enough for today, because she was more fresh on me, Rus, and she has not the same match in first round.


Q.  (In English) What do you think about the game of Rus?

VIRGINIE RAZZANO:  I think she has a lot of potential, talent.  She has a very nice game, and she is very relax when she plays.

Yes, she has a very good forehand, a good serve, and good variety.  Yes, I think she has a good tennis for to progress in the future.