N. Li/S. Foretz Gacon 6‑0, 6‑2






Q.  Just tell me, please, are you happy with the way things are going so far and the way you are playing, the way you feel, and how the crowd is treating you?

NA LI:  I mean, of course.  I was a little bit nervous beginning of the match.  You know, always tough.

I mean, play French player in Paris.  I saw the match two days ago, so I was a little bit nervous beginning of the match.  But after I was feeling okay.  I can a little bit control them on the court.

So, yeah.  But, yeah, I still happy I can ‑‑ I mean, the way I was on the court right now.  So, yeah.


Q.  You’ve spoken about being up and down in your play sometimes.  Do you feel you are becoming more consistent?

NA LI:  I mean, I wish, but you never know.

I mean, I always try the best, but sometimes, you know, if opponent a little bit stronger, I a little bit weaker, as well.  So that’s why start first round, I always show how strong I am on the court.


Q.  Just in general being here, are you enjoying being the defending champion?  Do you like this moment?

NA LI:  Yeah.  I mean, why not (smiling).

I mean, yeah, doing well here in last year, so I was happy I can come back this year, as well.  So I just enjoy.

I mean, I really didn’t think too much about defending champion or how far away I can going.  So just enjoy the play every day, every round.


Q.  In the beginning of this year, what your priorities in Olympics?  Because this is Olympic year.  Olympics or Grand Slam, French Open defending.  Which will be your priority?

NA LI:  I mean, for me, both.  I mean, I mean, for the tennis athlete, of course, one year you play four Grand Slams, but for us, Olympics are so special, four year, one time.

I think about because this is my last time to play Olympics.  Yeah.


Q.  Last year?

NA LI:  Yeah, last.  I mean, you never know what happen after four years.