V. LEPCHENKO/J. Jankovic 7‑6, 4‑6, 6‑4





Q.  Bad luck out there.  What do you think made the difference out there?

JELENA JANKOVIC:  First of all, I lost a big opportunity in the first set.  I was up 5‑2 and had everything under control, and, you know, all of a sudden I just started, you know, making some errors.  I stop moving.  My serve percentage went down and all that.

So it was, you know, difficult for me to accept the fact that, you know, I ‑‑ out of 5‑2 I lost the set at 7‑6.  I managed to win the second set, then, you know, few easy, you know, mistakes at 4‑All just now in the third, and that cost me the match.

It was tough, you know.  For right now I’m lacking confidence, and sometimes during the match, during the important points, I, you know, didn’t do well.

So that wasn’t easy.  I think I let her ‑‑ I let my opponent come back into the match and gave her confidence.

But overall, I fought hard, you know, with what I had in the moment.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.


Q.  Did you have any problems physically out there?

JELENA JANKOVIC:  I don’t want to make excuses.  It’s fine.  I can go all day, but I don’t ‑‑ it’s fine.  The most important thing is I didn’t win the match, and that’s what counts.


Q.  Was there anything about her game that gave you trouble?

JELENA JANKOVIC:  Ah, you know, she was very solid.  You know, she was spinning that forehand.  You know, off ground like she had a lot of rotation, especially on that forehand shot.

But overall I also didn’t play ‑‑ I think it was our first match against each other and I didn’t know her game that well.  But there is no excuse, because I had everything under control at 5‑2 in the first.  I had a set point, and I just managed to somehow let her come back and take that set.

That was really frustrating for me.  You know, it was difficult to accept that fact.  And then I fought again, but unfortunately in the third it just didn’t go my way and that’s the way it is.