P. KVITOVA/U. Radwanska 6‑1, 6‑3

Q.  You played great in the first set, dictating with your forehand.  Can you tell us something more about the match?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, yeah, I think that she played very well.  She has good hands so she has a good touch.

She’s not playing very aggressive, so I could play my game again.  You know, I played very well.  I’m feeling very good.

Q.  You played Aga before.  How different is Ula from Aga?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Yeah, I think that both are playing really similar, but I think that Aga has more balls and now has more touch, more good hands.  Maybe she has a little bit better serve.

Q.  This year you had to withdraw from a few tournaments because of ankle injury and illness.  At one point do you think you had a spell of bad luck?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, actually, I don’t know if it was bad luck, but I hope that I will stay healthy until the rest of the season.  You know, it’s the tennis, so I know that I’m injured often and I’m trying to keep ‑‑ having some exercise to keep healthy.

And, yeah, I think that it’s normal, and every tennis player has it.

Q.  For this year are your expectations a bit lower?  Because, I mean, last year was really exceptional, fantastic, with six titles.

PETRA KVITOVA:  I don’t have any expectation.  I know that last season was great for me, and it will be very tough to have similar result as last year.

So I know this season will be very tough with the pressure and with everything else.  But I just would like to improve my game and be focused every practice, every match.

Q.  You’re obviously going to play singles at the Olympics.  Something more?  Doubles?  Mixed doubles with Tomas like in Hopman Cup?

PETRA KVITOVA:  I will play singles for sure, and with Radek Stepanek mixed, no doubles.

Q.  When you were 18, did you contemplate rising so fast in the rankings?  Two years ago you were named Newcomer of the Year on the WTA player and last year Player of the Year.  Did you have such dream of becoming such a big player when you were 18 or a teenager?

PETRA KVITOVA:  Well, I don’t know.  I wasn’t think I could be good player and I can be professional.  So this is something for me very nice.  From the 2010 to 2011 was very big step for me, and my ranking was really high.

So I’m still trying to not think about the ranking.