C. McHALE/L. Davis 6‑1, 6‑3





Q.  That seemed like a very businesslike affair out there.  Talk about your strategy and how you executed out there.

CHRISTINA McHALE:  Yeah, I thought I played pretty well out there.  It was the first time I played Lauren, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I think I was happy with the way I played.  She hit ‑‑ it was heavy ball, especially on her backhand, so it took a little bit to get used to.

Just really happy to move on.


Q.  Do you allow yourself a little happiness, forgetting to the third round, or are you just trying to…

CHRISTINA McHALE:  Oh, no, no.  I can relax a little bit now and enjoy this.  It’s the first time I am in the third round here, so I’m really excited.

I think I have doubles tomorrow and then get ready for ‑‑ it’ll be Saturday.


Q.  Yeah.  You seemed very, very chill when you shook her hand.  Like, Okay, I won the match; great.  Varvara was like jumping around excited and you were very…

CHRISTINA McHALE:  Yeah, I mean, I guess my personality is more calm.  But I’m really excited.  Yeah.


Q.  How amazing is it for you and Sloane to do this together.  I mean, you guys have been friends for a long time.  Is this a little nicer that you can share this together?

CHRISTINA McHALE:  Yeah, this is ‑‑ especially Varvara and I, we train together, too.  It’s really nice to have other Americans doing well as well.

So, yeah, just hope we can all keep it going.


Q.  Especially for Varvara, she’s now the fourth person in and could make the Olympics, so ‑‑

CHRISTINA McHALE:  Oh, okay.  I didn’t know that, so ‑‑


Q.  And if Sloane keeps going she’s got an outside shot at making it in too, so you could get all your friends on the Olympic team.

CHRISTINA McHALE:  I don’t want to think about that because I don’t want to put myself on the team yet and ‑‑

Q.        Right.

CHRISTINA McHALE:  I just want to wait until the tournament ends and see who gets in.


Q.  One thing at a time.



Q.  Talk about your next round opponent.  It does not get any easier, so what do you think?  Just going to go for broke?

CHRISTINA McHALE:  Um, yeah, I’ve never played Na Li before, so I’m looking forward to that match.  You know, I just you found out after the match that I play her, so I haven’t thought about it too much.

I’m just going to enjoy making it to the third round right now and then start thinking about is it tomorrow.


Q.  What do you enjoy about being here?  I mean, talk about ‑‑ obviously you want to do well.  Are there little things that kind of make this fun for you?  I mean, what’s it like?

CHRISTINA McHALE:  I, mean, I think it’s just so special playing at Grand Slam.  I mean, the atmosphere, it’s just really, really exciting.

You know, I have my team here with me:  My mom, my coaches, and my sister’s coming tomorrow, so I’m really excited about that.

It’s just a really cool atmosphere a little all the slams.


Q.  Do you let yourself soak it in, or do you have to stay in the moment?

CHRISTINA McHALE:  Um, yeah, I mean, I have to stay focused.  This is just taking it one match at a time.  I want to keep going hopefully, so I got to stay focused.