D. FERRER/B. Paire 6‑3, 6‑3, 6‑2




Q.  Beyond this loss, I guess you’re quite disappointed with the match you played, because we all know you can play far better.  Many unforced errors today, and I guess the match you play you’re sorry about more than losing?

BENOIT PAIRE:  Yes, I walked on the court against Ferrer and I knew it would be a complicated match.  It’s true I’m very disappointed, very frustrated.

I’m just out of the court, and I must say it’s a bit tough because I never managed to play well except for the first two games.  Although I didn’t serve well on though two games, I managed to play, but I didn’t serve well.

I never managed to play my tennis.  I never managed to find motivation.  I’m not not motivated, but I’m a bit tired.  When I arrived at the tournament I felt sore.  When you walk on the court and you know you have to play Ferrer, it’s a bit difficult.

So I’m disappointed.

Q.  Isn’t it the type of the match that shows you the gap there is between a guy who is ranking 60th and 6 in the world?

BENOIT PAIRE:  Maybe I’m going to sound arrogant, but I don’t think there was much difference.  Ramos was probably more difficult for me to play.

There were short balls today.  I could have played them, but I was not well on my legs and I missed a lot.  He shot a few good passing shots, but he was playing shots on my backhand.  Each time I thought I could go for it.

I was waiting for the ball and I thought, Why on earth am I not going for that ball?  Maybe I was rushing a bit too much.

I was tired in my mind and talking a lot and thinking a lot.  I don’t want to sound arrogant, but I didn’t get the feeling that these were incredible shots that I could never return.

I could have returned them, but I didn’t have the feeling that he really dominated me.  I really felt I was making a lot of mistakes.

Q.  But that’s always the case against Ferrer?

BENOIT PAIRE:  Yes, it’s a bit always case.  But against a guy like Ramos on a day when I feel fit, I can do something on that kind of game.  I’m not saying on any other kind of game, but on a guy like Ferrer who’s playing on your backhand, not serving all that well, I mean, that’s the kind of game I like.

But he played a beautiful match.  He’s a great player, of course.  It’s a bit of a shame I made so many mistakes.  I think it’s because I was tired.

But it’s true, I didn’t play a great match.

Q.  You had difficulties with your serve?

BENOIT PAIRE:  Yes, the problem was my serve.  I was two games up, but I really couldn’t manage to adjust my game.  My serves were not that good.  They were close to the net, et cetera.  So when you’re tired, the slightest detail turns into a nightmare.

I started thinking about my serve and how bad it was when I was leading two games to love.  Well, that’s a bit of a shame.

But after four sets against Ramos I was quite tired.  I lost a lot of the energy during that match.  You know, I was playing David Ferrer, No. 6 in the world, and he’s a very big player.

So it’s quite normal I lost.

Q.  Just after you was Arnaud Clement.  He was eliminated.  It’s his last Roland Garros.  What would you have to say?

BENOIT PAIRE:  Well, I’m a great fan.  He comes from Aix‑en‑Provence.  We know each other.  He’s a wonderful person, even outside of the court.  I just love the guy.  We’ll miss him in tennis.  He’s not quitting right now.  He will continue to play for a little while.

But when he is out of the tour we will definitely miss him.  He teaches us a lot.  To me, he’ll be one of the greatest in tennis.  He probably was not the most talented tennisman, but he is the one who worked the hardest, and he managed to do incredible things.

Who knows, maybe one day he’ll be captain of the Davis Cup team and we’ll see him again.  But any way, I will see him again because he teaches me a lot.

Q.  You arrived a bit in a rush on the court.  You arrived at 11:08.  What happened?

BENOIT PAIRE:  No, my racquets were ‑‑ well, I was having new strings put on my racquets, so I was waiting for my racquets.

I know David.  I went to him.  I apologized.  I didn’t get on the court too late.  It’s just because I was just getting my racquets ready.

Q.  A more substantial question:  17 French players at the beginning of the tournament; quite a few French players in the top 100.  Why don’t we get a French player in the top 3?  We never had one great French player.

BENOIT PAIRE:  Well, Gasquet made it No. 5.  There is no have to Argentinians in the top 5 when you have quite a few great Argentinian players as well.

Of the top fifth in the world is top of the top.  We have Jo‑Wilfried Tsonga, Gilles, Gaël.  We have quite a few players in the top 20.  For me, top 20 are the top of the top.

So I consider there are quite a few French players in the top of the top.

Q.  What did you learn during this tournament?

BENOIT PAIRE:  I learned a lot of things.  For tennis, I realized that I had the appropriate level to play against very big players.

I also learned from a physical standpoint I still have to learn, because I was very tired today.  I felt very sore when I did some exercises.  I even took a very cold bath, and I had never done that.

I used a lot energy on my previous match, and I had difficulties getting back on court.  It’s as if my tournament was over after Ramos.  I had done something big, and it was difficult for me to get back into the tournament.

I told it to my coach.  I said, It’s great, and I don’t feel like playing another match.  So what I learned is that you need to remain focused and not start thinking it’s over after you’ve played a big match.

You need to be focused, and today it was very difficult for me.